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Friday, April 5th, 2013


We are screaming towards Opening Day and finally have some great weather to be out prepping the park!

If you've been following our social outlets you've seen some of the new food options we've prepared for you this year. I have been testing them all, and they are awesome! My favorite is the steak sandwich. You have to get that.

Over at the Pier Complex, the renovation is coming along quite nicely. Here is a shot of where we are today, although in the time I've taken to come up from the park to upload this photo, the building will look different as they are spray painting it. :) 

Inside is new countertops, epuipment, an actual freezer (so the employee doesn't have to run across the park!) and overall a really nice looking building. Should be a great update!

Across the midway, where Rock Wall once stood, will be a new Coke Marketplace. We just received some plans for it this week, and it is scheduled to open Mid-May. It will feature a variety of Coke drinks as well as some healthy food options. I'll keep you updated.

Dinosaurs Alive! is coming along and almost all of the dinos are roaring throughout the day. We have poured the entire walking path, but the wet weather prior to this week has impacted the project some, especially with getting fencing in. The store is looking awesome, and even has a little dino to check out! 

Over at the waterpark there is so much going on it will make your head spin. I posted a bunch of Facebook photos yesterday, so be sure to take a look at those. The big news I have to share is that fiberglass should start flying onto the new slide tower on Monday. So, things will start to get pretty colorful over there and really take shape. I am very excited for that! 

I've seen many of the rides doing test cycles, so that is always fun. Movement in the park is good! Eli and Spinning Dragons were cycling when I left the park.

Just eight days! Seven until campout! 

See you soon!
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