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Friday, March 11th, 2016

Do you even Snap, Bro? Yes, yes we do! We also, Tweet, Facebook and Instagram! If you aren’t connected to Worlds of Fun socially, it’s time to get on board! Engaging with social media followers has been one of the highlights of my short time here. The parks don’t have to be open to share what’s going on.

Whether it’s a snow covered coaster or a sweet January sunrise, I want to give everyone a sense of what it’s like in the “off season”. One of the best parts, being able to keep you updated on the installation of new rides in Planet Snoopy. You’ve been able to see them since they were offloaded from a shipping container and then installed in their new home. The next update on the progress will come in the next week or so when the rides are fired up for the first time!

It has also been a great way to help answer your questions! Following Worlds of Fun allows you to ask anything, any time. Opening Day? April 16th. Do I get free parking with a 2016 Gold Pass? Yes! Are the five new family rides just for little kids? NO! Are you hiring? How old do I have to be? What do different positions pay? When we have to hire a couple thousand people for the season, you can imagine all the questions people have. Sure you can go to our website or track down an email address or a phone number, but don’t forget we are here for you socially too!

The posts, tweets, shares, stories, snaps etc. will be on the rise as we get closer to opening day and into the 2016 season! We encourage the questions and hope to see you share all YOUR memories as well! Look for special hashtags and Snapchat (WorldsOfFunKC) geo-filters to use on each and every visit! See you #SOON!

Eric Burke, Manager Public Relations & Communications

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