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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was settling in as the new Manager of Public Relations and Communications. I kept wishing the time away, wanting April 16th to hurry up and get here! I was warned, even hushed, by fellow Worlds of Fun colleagues. I had no idea how important EVERY day is in the off season.

So, what happens at your favorite Kansas City destination? EVERYTHING! First and foremost, two thousand people have to be hired for seasonal positions. People from 14 to 114 are encouraged to apply and when hired, welcomed to the Worlds of Fun family. Foods, ticketing, rides, merchandise, security, the list seems never ending! However, each rehire or new hire is important to making sure you enjoy your visit each and every time. This is why you have seen so many hiring mentions on our social media sites. If you don’t enjoy your first visit, how can we ask you to come back over and over? Granted, not everything will be perfect all the time, but we make it a priority.

Another key off season task is making sure EVERY ride is ready to roll well before Worlds of Fun opens. This is also the time when the best operations people in the business can bring you something new each year. As I hope you’ve heard, 2016 brings five new rides to Planet Snoopy, easily the best family destination in the Midwest.

You can see all of this for yourself in about six weeks! For those of you with a 2016 Gold Pass, we have a sneak preview on April 15th! (There is still time to get one, by the way) The park opens to everybody on April 16th. If you haven’t been to Worlds of Fun in a while or have never been, make plans to visit! I can assure you we will be ready to make it a visit you’ll always remember!

Eric Burke, Manager Public Relations & Communications

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