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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Greetings everyone!

Thank you to those that attended the park on opening weekend! I know I saw many of you out and about on the midway.

My oh my it was a crazy morning! We had a GREAT turnout of campers, but unfortunately the cold temps kept us away from Patriot for the first half hour of the ride time. However, we hit 40 degrees and the ride was released to us for some soaring through the cold sky! I hope you had a great time at the campout, and hope you were able to keep warm!

Opening Day was a tough morning weather wise for us in the rides department. Many of rides have minimum operating temperatures before they can even begin inspections and test runs. A lot of people asked why can't we inspect or test them, then wait for the temp. The temp impacts things like hydraulic lines, springs, etc, so we can't check those things until the minimum for that ride is reached. So, sorry for the delay, but next time we'll all huddle up and try and creat some body warmth to get those coasters cruising! Once the sun came out mid-morning we were off and running.

We also implemented a new point-of-sale system across the park. I thank you for your patience as we continue to get everything 'talking' to each other. The food locations have a new menu, new employees, and new system, so we had a couple bumps but overall I hope everyone left stuffed and happy :) I sampled some of the new menu at Battlecreek. SO GOOD! They are smoking meat overnight and hand carving it. It is amazing.

I hope you are able to get out to the park this weekend for some fun! The weather is supposed to be much improved! Gary Lezak from 41 Action News will be here Saturday morning for a fun weather display and conversation at 11 am in Festhaus. I hope to see you there. We may even get to meet Stormy!

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