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Friday, September 21st, 2012


Sorry for the length between entries. We have been SUPER busy getting ready for Haunt, and now that the event is launched, I can jump back in and give you updates. As a side note, I'm always giving updates on our Facebook / Twitter pages, so make sure to 'like' and 'follow' us there.

Ok, on to Zombie High. We had a couple nights of it open last weekend and the response has been great! We are still adding props and stuff to the rooms (slow shipping....booo!) but it already looks awesome. Here are a few shots in the lights so you can check out the details.

This is looking back towards the band room and entering the film room. There is some high quality filmstrips being played let me tell you! I love this room, I think the detail is really cool. You'll have to come to the park to see it though!

One of the hallways. This haunted attraction is different than our others in the fact that you can see all the way through it. Meaning, just like a school, there is one long hallway just passed the principal's office. You will probably meet some of my friends in there!

Lunch! Come and get it while its hot! This is the kitchen and lunchroom. Anyone want to guess what the special is? Around this corner is one of the best Haunt effects we've ever done, you'll have to check it out!

Over in the gym its Homecoming! I hope you get to meet the Queen, aka my date! Don't forget to dress in this year's theme, 'Footloose' of course!

Happy Haunting, see you soon.
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