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Holiday Activities at Worlds of Fun's WinterFest

Josh Smith

Josh is enjoying his sixth season at Worlds of Fun and his third in the marketing department. He is a recent Northwest Missouri State alum. When he isn't at the park he is cheering on his favorite soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.

We are now in the final countdown to Christmas and New Year’s Day! December has absolutely blown by and now your opportunities to experience Worlds of Fun’s WinterFest is narrowing down. As you finally decide to make holiday plans with your family, it can be stressful trying to get all of your holiday traditions into this one month. Luckily for us, WinterFest makes it easy, with over 10 holiday activities to partake in during one visit.


Snow Flake Lake Ice Skating

This is by far my personal favorite activity during WinterFest. There is no better way to burn off all of the tasty holiday goodies than shredding some ice under millions of lights as our DJ plays some lively holiday jams. Ice skating is only $10 per person for unlimited skating and includes skate rentals.

St. Nick’s Pics

I challenge you to name a more iconic holiday tradition than meeting the big man up north and telling him what you want for Christmas. At Worlds of Fun’s WinterFest, you can continue that tradition and even take home a photo to remember the night. Just don’t ask for a Red Rider BB gun… We all know how that will go.

Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen Cookie Decorating

A guest favorite activity continues to be visiting Mrs. Claus. This activity is $16.99 and comes with 4 HUGE cookies that your family gets to decorate on their own. Mrs. Claus even makes her way around the kitchen to give your family tips and tricks for making the perfect cookie. The biggest challenge is trying to make the cookies last long enough to leave the kitchen.

Old West Carriage Company

If you have never experienced a horse-drawn carriage at WinterFest before then you have not fully experienced WinterFest. These carriage rides take you on a trip through the park, giving you a whole new view of the park. These rides last around 12 minutes and are only $8 a person.


North Pole Post Office

If you haven’t had the chance to write your letter to Santa yet, now is the perfect opportunity! This elf-run post office is the optimal chance to send your letter to the North Pole. Plus, the elves might be able to put in a good word with the big man.

Artisan Booths

If you’re anything like me, you still have so much Christmas shopping to do. While you are at Winterfest, be sure to stop by Artisan Alley in the Asia and Americana sections of the park. Artisan Alley features over 15 local businesses full of goodies to cross everything off your list. Plus, you can buy local! 

Jack Frost’s Igloo Village

Are you looking for the ultimate VIP experience during WinterFest? Jack Frost’s Igloo Village features nine cozy, heated igloo cabanas with space for up to eight people. These igloos include VIP seating at shows, optional food and drink service, and a warm place to take a break and admire all of the lights in the heart of the park.

Midway Merriment

One fun, unique part of WinterFest is all of the characters you can meet wandering around the park. These characters include Jack Frost, Sugar Plum Fairy, Tinsel, Snowflake, Ginger Bread Man and over 30 more fun, interactive characters to get a photo with.

Sally’s Christmas Crafts

If you are looking for more fun activities for your young children, then Sally’s Christmas Crafts is perfect for you! Children 12 and younger are invited to visit Planet Snoopy’s Boutique to create an ornament souvenir to take home and hang on your tree. Before you leave, you also have an opportunity to take a picture with Sally.

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Lot

Yet another fun activity for young children (and the whole family) is Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Lot. We all know the story of Charlie Brown finding the “perfect” Christmas tree, and now you can experience it for yourself! Make your way through the tree maze to take a picture with the tree with hardly any branches and only a single bauble as well as Charlie Brown and Linus.

If you haven't visited Worlds of Fun's WinterFest yet, click here to get your tickets today! For days of operation and hours, click here.

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Josh Smith

Josh is enjoying his sixth season at Worlds of Fun and his third in the marketing department. He is a recent Northwest Missouri State alum. When he isn't at the park he is cheering on his favorite soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.

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