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Tab - Ticket Programs Big Savings for Them – No Cost to You!
Our Ticketing Programs offer your associates a private rate not available to the general public. Best of all, our Ticket Programs are no cost to your company!

Cost-Free Consignment Program
Carry specially priced admission tickets to Worlds of Fun at your work! You provide your employees and/or members with a great rate and they can breeze by the lines at the admission ticket booths when they arrive. Simply pay for the tickets you sell each month and return any unsold tickets for credit at the end of the season. A consignment ticket is an affordable way to reward key employees and customers. We’ll even supply you with a tool kit of materials to help promote the program.

Online Program
Enroll as a company in our Online Program and receive a password that allows your associate to purchase specially priced admission tickets at Payments are made online directly to Worlds of Fun and printed immediately on their personal printer. Quick, convenient and available anytime!
Tab - Catered Outings You’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to stuff your employees with our all-you-can-eat buffet options!
You will receive greater savings on your admission tickets when you add a meal to your outing.

Here’s where the full service event team really comes in handy. Planning a company event can be hard work and full of little details. We do it every day so why not let us do the work for you? You select the number of entrees you want, choose your side items and dessert and we do the rest.

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Tab - Non-Catered Events The Group that Plays Together, Stays Together.
Bring your employees to the park for an organized outing.
Let loose, have fun, try something new for a change.
Eat ice cream with your kids, dance with Snoopy, or try getting to know the families of your co-workers; you hear about them every day, now put a face to the name!

Outings are perfect for employee benefits or incentives, customer reward programs, sales promotion programs, just about anything, the possibilities are endless!
Tab - Teambuilding Let us show you how much fun building a team can be! We're thrilled to be able to now offer a variety of customized teambuilding experiences presented by Teambonders™, a leader in professional teambuilding. Providing corporate-specific, fully facilitated programming that is sure to enhance your group’s day at the park, these premium offerings are all-inclusive when combined with an admission and catered event, totally engaging and 100% focused on fun! Catered event minimums do apply.

The AppMazing HuntTM

There is nothing more exciting than our app-enhanced, custom, intricate, Scavenger Hunt - employing your team's cooperation, communication, problem solving and strategic thinking abilities. Throw in some fun and exciting challenges and unique corporate info or collaborative team initiatives and you'll have an event everyone will be raving about.

The AppMazing RaceTM

Buckle up for the most incredible, fast-paced, real-life teambuilding adventure that you could ever imagine! Complete with checkpoint destinations, roadblocks and whirlwind bonus challenges - your group will be completely consumed by this game right up until the finish line!

Retro Game ShowsTM

We've taken some of the all-time great game show hits from the past 30 years and have put our own all-inclusive twist on them! Fun for all ages, our games allow everyone to showcase their knowledge of pop culture, current events and even customized trivia to suit your corporate identity. A perfect entertaining, interactive and engaging session for any meeting agenda.

Tower Above The RestTM

Participants are armed with an assortment of building materials (typically "low-tech" and rudimentary in nature) and are kept completely in the dark (until program start) as to what they will ultimately be building as cohesive construction crews (teams). Who will Tower Above the Rest and be crowned the champions?

Tab - Contact Everyone loves a free sample.
Give one of our professional sales representatives a call today and we’ll let you take our park for a test drive.

You’ll be very impressed with our sales & event management team. They are professional, fun, friendly and most importantly…they care about your event.

We want you to be a hero in your company. After your initial contact, we take over. You tell us what your group needs and we do the work from there. We help you through every step, allowing you to by-pass the little details. You get the credit and most importantly, get to enjoy the event too!

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