Worlds of Fun offers a unique atmosphere in which to gain hands-on experience in your chosen field. We can meet internship requirements through many of our seasonal positions. All internships are paid.

Interested applicants should apply online by clicking here and also submit a resume to or 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO, 64161, ATTN: Internships.             


Cash Control 
  • Assists in determining, verifying, and depositing the receipts of cashiers. Includes auditing, data entry, reconciliation, till issue & collection, bank deposit preparation and operating currency sorters/counters. Positions available April through October and May through Labor Day.

Revenue Control / Data Processor 
  • Assists in the auditing, entry and output of daily revenue and attendance reports. Includes register/till audits, data entry, ticket reconciliation, attendance reporting, revenue/per capita review and report distribution. Positions available April through October.

  • Assists in the overall Finance Department function. Includes bank account reconciliation, data entry, journal entry and filing. Positions available March through October and April through October.

Internal Auditor 
  • Assists in the testing of accounting, financial, and operational internal controls. Includes regular audits of payroll, bids, tickets, labor compliance, public accounting compliance, inventory, accounts payable, and cash handling. Positions available May through September. Contact Dave O'Hare @
Assists in the overall HR function. Includes recruiting; orientation and training; retention, motivation, and incentive programs; interviewing and placement; employee activities; and coordinating Fun Raiser program. Positions available January through May and May through October
Marketing Intern
  • Conducts Marketing Research through in park guest surveys. Assists with the execution and production of corporate catered events, buyouts, and special youth events. Includes coordination of various Group Sales and Public Relations events.

Youth Sales / Special Events
  • Assists Marketing office with various special events, youth events, and small groups. Grows client database focusing on small group segment including youth programs and reunions. Solicits new business in these categories and follows up with new leads and existing customers.
Ride Operations Management 
  • Assists in managing individual ride operations crews in the safe, clean, courteous, and efficient operation of one or more ride locations. Duties include completion of daily efficiency tracking paperwork, safety inspections, scheduling of employees, employee motivation, and handling any and all guest concerns at the location. Crews range in size from 13 to 35 employees running 1 to 6 ride locations. Must be comfortable working with large crowds while maintaining a cool, calm, and courteous demeanor. Positions available March through October.

Park Services Management 
  • Assists in managing one or more crews in the Park Services department in ensuring a clean and safe environment for park guests and employees. Duties include ensuring quality control in cleanliness of park restrooms, midways, and other guest and employee facilities, tracking park services inventory, assisting in purchasing park services supplies, scheduling and motivation of restrooms and environmental service crews, and handling any and all guest concerns necessary. This is an extremely high guest contact position. Positions available March through October.

Aquatics Management
  • Manages a complex of aquatic locations. Includes management, scheduling and motivation of employees, chemical testing, and continual safety training. Areas range in size from 20 to 40 employees. Employees with two or more years of experience at Oceans of Fun could apply for Internships that also include budgeting, retention programs, and training development. Must have a valid Ellis and Associates Lifeguard or Lifeguard Instructor License. Positions available May through September.
Communications Associate
Minimum Age:18
Prioritizes and organizes incoming and outgoing calls. Receives and dispatches emergency calls by telephone and radio. Operates and monitors base radio console; dispatching calls to appropriate personnel and maintains call records.

Safety Technician (Apply as College Intern)
Minimum Age: 18
Conducts routine building/ground inspections to assure regulatory compliance. Responds to fires and other emergencies as needed. Investigates first aid incident reports as necessary.

Medical Responder – Level 1
Minimum Age: 18
Responds to emergencies and gives competent first aid care to guests and associates within certified training levels and in accordance with approved Cedar Fair protocols.

Medical Responder – Level 2
Minimum Age: 18
Provides medical treatment to associates within required training levels; drives safety vehicles to and from emergencies.

Security Access Associate
Minimum Age: 18
Monitors and controls access to the park through security posts. Other duties include assisting with traffic directions and controls, providing high visibility patrols in the parking lot, and resolving and containing security violations or matters.

Security Associate
Minimum Age: 18
Maintains a safe environment for guests and associates while protecting the assets of the Company.

Auditor – Security
Minimum Age: 18
Audit cash registers throughout the park and report findings back to Security management staff.

Office Clerk – Security
Minimum Age: 18
Answers phone calls from Guests, employees and in park locations and relays that message to the appropriate person. Completes and files department related paperwork.