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Seasonal Jobs

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Worlds of Fun Seasonal Jobs

Limited Time. Endless Opportunities.

No matter what you're looking for, you'll find a way to shine with us!

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There are nearly 100 different types of seasonal positions available at Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun every summer. Whether this is your first job, or you have the experience necessary for some of the behind the scenes jobs, Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun is an employer of choice for more than 2,500 associates. Below are some of the seasonal positions available. 

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Accommodations/Worlds of Fun Village

About the Accommodations Division
Worlds of Fun Village features cozy cottages, charming log cabins, and deluxe RV sites designed for the big rigs.  There are various responsibilities for Accommodations Associates, including checking guests in and out, assisting guests in making purchases and cleaning rooms.

Open Positions

  • Housekeeping Attendant - Minimum Age: 18
  • Front Desk Attendant - Minimum Age: 18

Admissions & Guest Services/Ticketing

About the Admissions & Guest Services Division
The Admissions Area includes toll booth, traffic, turnstiles, and tickets. The primary responsibility in the Admissions Area is to make sure the guests get to the park safely. Other responsibilities could include ringing the guest's sale on a cash register; accepting payment from the guests; making change; and providing guests with information and directions.

Open Positions

  • Admissions Associate - Minimum Age: 15
  • Admissions Team Lead - Minimum Age: 16
  • Admissions Supervisor - Minimum Age: 16
  • Guest Services Associate - Minimum Age: 16
  • Office Clerk - Minimum Age: 16

Aquatics / Lifeguarding

About the Aquatics Division
The primary responsibility of Lifeguards is guarding swimmers and ensuring safe and efficient operation of the aquatic areas in the waterpark. They’ll work directly and communicate with waterpark guests in a variety of situations. Lifeguards will achieve full certification in accordance with the National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard Training Program as developed by Jeff Ellis & Associates.

About the Lifeguard Certification
Lifeguard certification is provided at no cost and training is paid.

Open Positions

  • Lifeguard - Minimum Age: 16
  • Aquatics Attendant - Minimum Age: 16
  • Office Clerk - Minimum Age: 16


About the Finance Division
Finance is responsible for accurately accounting for all revenues and expenses.  Cash Control issues cash to other park associates and accounts for all money returned at the end of the day.  Other Finance Associates assist with accounting or payroll.

Open Positions

  • Cash Control Teller - Minimum Age: 18
  • Payroll Assistant - Minimum Age: 18

Food & Beverage

About the Food & Beverage Division
There are various responsibilities of Food and Beverage Associates. From helping the guest decide what type of food they would like to ringing the sale on a cash register to maintaining a sanitary work environment–It’s a fast paced environment with the opportunity to work many positions.

Open Positions

  • Cashier/Cook - Minimum Age: 15
  • Beer Server - Minimum Age: 21
  • Barback - Minimum Age: 18
  • Culinary Lead - Minimum Age: 18
  • Culinary Supervisor - Minimum Age: 18
  • Warehouse Attendant - Minimum Age: 18
  • Warehouse Supervisor - Minimum Age: 18 / Driver's License Required
  • Office Clerk - Minimum Age: 16
  • Auditor - Minimum Age: 18
  • Team Leader - Minimum Age: 16
  • Supervisor - Minimum Age: 16

Human Resources

About the Human Resources Division
Human Resources Associates support our applicants and associates at all stages of the employment experience.  This can include recruiting applicants at schools and community events, conducting interviews, completing employment paperwork, entering data into computer systems, and facilitating training programs.

Open Positions

  • Trainer - Minimum Age: 18 / Driver's License Required
  • Recruiter - Minimum Age: 18 / Driver's License Required

Live Entertainment

About the Live Entertainment Division
Live Entertainment Associates can be found performing in live shows, interacting with guests as a costumed character, developing sets and costumes, working on sound or light systems or caring for uniform items. If the world is your stage, this may be the perfect division for you!

Open Positions

  • Character Talent - Minimum Age: 15
  • Sewing Attendant - Minimum Age: 18
  • Costume Technician - Minimum Age: 16
  • Entertainment Technician - Minimum Age: 16
  • Performer - Minimum Age: 16
  • Wardrobe Attendant - Minimum Age: 18


About the Maintenance Division
Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the grounds, facilities, rides and attractions.

Open Positions

  • Landscaper - Minimum Age: 16
  • Bulb Changer - Minimum Age: 16
  • Oiler - Minimum Age: 18
  • Pool Assistant - Minimum Age: 18
  • HVAC - Minimum Age: 18
  • Wash Down - Minimum Age: 16
  • Sign Shop Assistant - Minimum Age: 18
  • Sign Shop Technician - Minimum Age: 18
  • Temporary Carpenter - Minimum Age: 18
  • Temporary Electriciaon - Minimum Age: 18
  • Turf Maintenance - Minimum Age: 18


About the Marketing Division
Marketing Associates are involved in a variety of activities, including group sales, public relations, social media and communications.

Open Position

Marketing Assistant - Minimum Age: 16


About the Merchandise Division
Merchandise Associates assist guests in making purchases. This includes helping the guests select and locate items, accept payment and wrapping/bagging purchases. Additional responsibilities include stocking and organizing product to be appealing to guests and maintaining a clean environment.

Open Positions

  • Team Lead - Minimum Age: 16

Park Services

About the Park Services Division
The Park Services Attendant's focus is guest service. This includes everything from providing guests with information and directions to keeping the midways clean of debris, to keeping rest room dispensers stocked with supplies on a regular basis.

Open Positions

  • Park Services Attendant - Minimum Age: 16
  • Park Services Team Lead - Minimum Age: 16
  • Park Services Supervisor - Minimum Age: 16
  • Office Clerk - Minimum Age: 16
  • Office Cleaner / Janitor - Minimum Age: 18

Ride Operations

About the Ride Operations Division
The primary responsibility as a Rides Associate is to assist each guest in safely riding each ride. This includes greeting the guest at the entry of a ride, explaining the limitations and restrictions to the guest and securing safety restraints. A Rides Associate is also responsible for cleaning their assigned ride.

Open Positions

  • Ride Attendant - Minimum Age: 16
  • Train Engineer - Minimum Age: 18
  • Rides Team Lead - Minimum Age: 16
  • Rides Supervisor - Minimum Age: 16
  • Office Clerk - Minimum Age: 16

Safety & Security

About the Safety & Security Division
Safety & Security Associates ensure our guests are able to safely enjoy their day at our parks.

Open Positions

  • Security Access Associate - Minimum Age: 18
  • Medical Responder Level 1 (EMT) - Minimum Age: 18 / Driver's License Required
  • Medical Responder Level 2 (Paramedic) - Minimum Age: 18 / Driver's License Required
  • Communications Associate - Minimum Age: 18


About the Transportation Division
Bus drivers pick-up and drop-off international students from the airport, shuttle students between work and housing and provide transportation to off-site activities.  Applicants should select Human Resources - Bus Driver when applying.

Open Positions

  • Bus Driver - Minimum Age: 18 / CDL with passenger endorsement required


Open Positions

  • Warehouse Attendant - Minimum Age: 18
  • Warehouse Supervisor - Minimum Age: 18