Wages & Benefits


Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun offers you SO many things to enjoy and do while you're here for the summer. This is definitely not just another summer job, it's so much more!


Associate Wages & Benefits

Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun offers starting wages of $8 - $10 per hour, depending upon position, for Associates 16 years of age or older.
Enjoy your days off at the park!  Your Associate ID works as a season pass for the summer and is valid at Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun as well as all Cedar Fair parks.

PLUS, Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun Associates may receive free admission to other amusement parks.  Check with Human Resources for participating parks and details.
After working 200 hours, Associates may receive up to four (4) free tickets to Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun or any Cedar Fair park for friends and family.
Associates can enjoy meals at a discounted price in the Best Day Bistro.  Also, during off-duty park visits, Associates can receive a 20% discount on park tickets, merchandise and food when presenting their Associate ID.
Have you ever wanted to ride the rides when no one else can?  Associate activities include exclusive ride nights after park close, picnics, parties and so much more!  Not to mention our biggest event of the year, Big Bash, where we celebrate YOU and all of your hard work to help us have a successful season of creating memorable experiences for our guests.
If you live more than 50 miles from the park and rent an apartment or other housing for the summer, you may qualify for Rent Assistance. Check with Human Resources for the details.
Worlds of Fun maintains a scholarship program to reward our outstanding associates who also excel in the classroom. Our internship program is also a great way to develop career-related skills and earn college credit while making money!
Students receive real life experience in the professional work force to take with them as the start their careers as new graduates. Employers look for experience that demonstrates potential employees can be both part of a team, as well as take on a leadership role- experience that our staff gets each and every day. Not to mention putting into practice certain skills all employers need: timeliness, professionalism, and work ethic.
Leadership opportunities are frequently available for Associates at Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun. Supervisors and Team Leaders are often promoted from within our seasonal work force. These positions offer the opportunity for Associates to manage a location and staff while learning skills like people management, training, budgeting, and other real life business and people managment skills early in their career. Likewise, they give those with professional experience another new challenge and outlet to refine their management abilities.