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WOF Trivia

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In 1968, Lamar Hunt realized the need for a family theme park in the midwest and began conceptualizing what would become Kansas City's number one tourist destination. In 1969, nearly 500 acres was purchased and the site for the park was chosen, with construction beginning in 1971. The park opened in 1973 with 60 rides, shows, and attractions. Oceans of Fun followed in 1982, celebrating 10 years of Worlds of Fun.

Tivoli Terrace East and the big red games barn located near the entrance to Planet Snoopy.

Screamroller was introduced in 1976 along with Bicentennial Square, celebrating the nation's 200 years. In 1983 it was converted to EXT, America's first stand-up roller coaster.

The Spinning Dragons fountain used to be the footprint for the dolphin show, and an occasional diving donkey!

Seven world-class thrill machines! Patriot, Prowler, Mamba, Boomerang, Spinning Dragons, Timber Wolf, and Cosmic Coaster, the most the park has ever had.
"Eli" is a fully functioning replica of the great steam engines from the turn of the century and was manufactured by Crown Metal.
SteelHawk is 301 ft folllowed by the Mamba at 205 feet and the Detonator, Rip Cord, and Patriot. A height lovers paradise!
Prowler was awarded 'Best New Ride in the World' by Amusement Today in 2009, a tremendous feat for a wood coaster that isn't the tallest, longest, or fastest, but packs the most punch! 
$6.50 for adults, $5.50 for children under 12.
Patriot, opened in 2006 as a $14 million investment.
The park is themed to Jules Verne's book Around the World in 80 days.