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Worlds of Fun announces important updates regarding the rest of the 2020 Season. Learn More.

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BloodShed at Worlds of Fun's Halloween Event


Location: Americana

The MacDonald Family invites you forward to tour their meatpacking, body hacking factory of fear. As this crazed family of farmers torment and cattle prod you through the bloody chutes of this heart-pounding maze of halls and meat lockers you’ll find out where the beef is! While you view the prized hog and prime cuts on display you’ll wade through plucked and oozing chickens, feathers, entrails, and rancid meat cause this family ain't worried about any health codes! Back open, with business booming, the family is offering free and fresh samples for all its tasty visitors. You can try to run, but in this warehouse of bovine guts and carcasses, there can only be BLOODSHED.