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Khaos Unleashed

Worlds of Fun announces important updates regarding the rest of the 2020 Season. Learn More.

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Khaos Unleashed at Worlds of Fun's Halloween Event

Khaos Unleashed

Location: International Plaza

Reality has been rejected during Haunt and havoc has taken over, and chaos reigns supreme. Rising from the underbelly of Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt KHAOS UNLEASHED is like no other experience testing the limits of all your senses with an explosion of sensory deception that is utterly beyond description! First, you’ll feel confused, then disoriented, and eventually, you’ll find yourself traveling in circles. Enter at your own risk, because in this much ghastly pandemonium it won’t be easy to find your way out. It’s mayhem! It’s madness! It’s KHAOS UNLEASHED!