Farewell Finnish Fling

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Farewell Finnish Fling

Eric Burke |
October 18, 2017

Unfortunately, there are times when we must make tough choices and subtract in order to add.  The end of October is one of those times.  The Finnish Fling's cycle is over.  After millions of revolutions in its decades of existence, it’s time to say farewell, but not without some fanfare.

When Lamar Hunt opened Worlds of Fun in May 1973, the Finnish Fling was one of the inaugural rides.  It’s quickly became a fan favorite and year after year, it was one of the rides you “had” to ride when you visited. 

With this rich history and fondness, we decided to do something special for the ride and its fans.  We are going to sell off the final three rides.  October 29th is the last day of our fall operating season and also the last day for Finnish Fling.  In order to say a proper goodbye, we decided to donate proceeds from the final three rides to the local charity, VarietyKC

We made it pretty simple for you to take your place in Finnish Fling history.  The final three rides are exclusive, all you have to do is decide which one you want. Each level comes with an admission ticket, lunch voucher and a commemorative t-shirt.  Now you just have to decide will you take the third to last ride for $50, second to last ride for $75 or the final ride for $100?

Just click here or type “FlingFarewell” into the promo code area on our website, then pick your ride and join us on October 29th.

If you can’t join us, then share with us!  We would love to see and read your memories of Finnish Fling. Post your pictures and share your memories on the special event page on our website: Farewell Finnish Fling!