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6 Reasons being a Lifeguard at Oceans of Fun is the Best Summer Job

Josh Smith

Josh is enjoying his sixth season at Worlds of Fun and his third in the marketing department. He is a recent Northwest Missouri State alum. When he isn't at the park he is cheering on his favorite soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.

Looking for a summer job to fill your pockets? We’ve got you covered! Worlds of Fun is currently on the search for new associates to join our aquatics team at Oceans of Fun. Lifeguards are a very important part of our team, ensuring the safety of our guests and associates. Not to mention, it’s a pretty fun gig with tons of perks.

Here are six reasons why being a lifeguard at Oceans of Fun is the best summer job in Kansas City!

6) Soaking Up The Sun

After suffering a long and harsh winter, nothing beats having a job over the summer that allows you to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Not to mention, working outside will help you get a sweet tan.

5) Operate (and ride) Thrilling Slides

Being a lifeguard at Oceans of Fun is full of excitement! There is no better way to mix up your day than having the opportunity to send guests down our exciting slides and ensuring their day is full of fun.

Each morning before we open the waterpark, lifeguards get to “test” our water slides. Plus, when you're relieved from your shift at the top of a slide, you get a refreshing slide to the bottom. Who else can say their summer job pays them to ride water slides?

Kansas City Summer Job

4) Great Compensation & Perks

With pay starting out at $10.25 per hour, we have very competitive pay rates for our lifeguards. In addition to your pay, students working at the park have a chance at scholarships up to $500! Plus, your employee ID acts as a Gold Season Pass for Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun! Don’t want to come to the park alone? Our associates receive 8 complimentary tickets after working a set amount of hours to show their friends and family what it is that they do!

Lifeguard Kansas City

3) Lifelong Memories and Friendships

From the moment you receive your whistle and swimsuit, you’ll meet many people that will soon become your work family. Working side by side with these amazing people will build countless bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

Summer Job in Kansas City

2) Free Training and Certification

I know what you are thinking; lifeguard training and certification is not cheap! Don’t worry about it! We’ve got you covered. Oceans of Fun is happy to provide you with the thorough training free of charge! We will even PAY YOU for attending! This training will give you valuable life-saving skills that will stick with you throughout your life.

Safety is something we take a lot of pride in a Worlds of Fun. In fact, our aquatics team has won several awards for their continued commitment to safety by exceeding national standards. Being apart of our team is something to be proud of.

1) Work Hard, Play Harder

As a lifeguard at Oceans of Fun, you get to take advantage of our associate events such as our Ride Night and Big Bash! These allow associates of our park to enjoy our rides and slides after park hours to ensure you have a fun-filled summer with your friends!

Kansas City Teen Summer Job

What are you waiting for? Click here to take the first step to having the best summer job in Kansas City!

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Josh Smith

Josh is enjoying his sixth season at Worlds of Fun and his third in the marketing department. He is a recent Northwest Missouri State alum. When he isn't at the park he is cheering on his favorite soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.

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