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Taste of WinterFest

Guest Blogger

A special to the Words of Fun Blog. 

By Guest Blogger Justin Dietz of

What goes best with millions of lights and decorations, holiday entertainment and some of your favorite Worlds of Fun rides? How about some amazing signature menu items to get you in the holiday spirit! 

Worlds of Fun makes it really easy to sample a selection of favorites from around the park with the new Taste of Winterfest! For $25, guests receive a tasting card that they take around the park to the selected dining locations. After getting your card stamped, you will receive a sample size portion of the following items:

Tuxedo Chocolate-Dipped Bacon (Old St. Nick's Ice Cream Factory)

Crispy bacon is hand-dipped in chocolate, making for nice contrasting salty and sweet flavors. 

Hot Chocolate Truffle Bomb with Warm Milk (Dasher's Diner)

Guests receive a warm cup of milk and a marshmallow chocolate truffle bomb. After dropping the bomb in the milk, and giving it a gentle stir, you have a custom hot chocolate beverage.

Winter Egg Roll (Vixen's Fixin's)

Features a contemporary take on the traditional comfort food. Served with your choice of red reindeer sauce (cranberry honey mustard) or green Grinch (horseradish) sauce.

Bubble Tea (Chai or Pumpkin) (The Lucky Cat)

Bubble tea Kansas City

Pick up a glass of bubble tea in your choice of chai or pumpkin flavors.

Holiday Pot Roast Slider (Coasters Rockin' Winterfest Cafe)

A slow roasted pot roast is stacked on top of cheesy potatoes and served on a slider roll.

Kale Salad with Bacon Dressing (Prancer's Pizza)

Kale salad, baby tomatoes and shaved Parmesan are drizzled with a warm bacon dressing. 

Loaded Fried Yams (Seasons Eating's)

Our absolute favorite menu item for this year’s Winterfest is the specialty topped sweet potato fries! The fries are drizzled with melted gruyere cheese, fire-roasted shredded chicken, cranberries and crispy fried shaved brussels sprouts! 

Holiday Funnel Cake (Sugar's Cake Factory)

You did not think you could come to Worlds of Fun and not have a funnel cake, did you? The Taste of Winterfest includes the new signature holiday version featuring blue cheesecake, shredded coconut, caramel sauce, crystallized and powdered sugar! 

Taste of WinterFest cards can be purchased online, at the front of the park or any of the participating food stands. To check out more new WinterFest food items, check out our recent Words of Fun blog post

About Guest Blogger - Justin Dietz

As resident food expert, I run the Our family travels around to all of the Cedar Fair amusement parks to have FUN and try all the latest food offerings. Come join us to share a funnel cake sundae and see some of the great food options you may not have known existed.

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Guest Blogger

A special to the Words of Fun Blog. 

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