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Go Pro At Having Fun: Rides & Lifeguards

McKenzie Koppe

This is McKenzie’s fifth season with Cedar Fair Entertainment, and her first in the marketing department. She is a junior at the University of Central Missouri pursuing a major in Digital Media Production with a minor in Public Relations. She's proud to be coaster nerd friendly. 

When she’s not at the park… well, she’s probably at the park.

Over 64. That’s how many attractions are at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. But in order to enjoy these adrenaline-pumping machines, someone has to operate them. From sending a roller coaster up hundreds of feet in the air to keeping guests safe in Oceans of Fun, our ambassadors keep our parking moving. It's not just a summer job

Lifeguard Summer Job

Having been a ride operator at various Cedar Fair amusement parks for four years, I know what fastening seatbelts is all about. There’s more to being a ride operator than pulling down lap bars. There’s more to being a lifeguard than sitting in a tall chair in the summer sun. That’s why I have created a list of the top three reasons to become a ride operator or lifeguard here this summer.

You get the chance to impact others

At Worlds of Fun, you have a direct impact on every visit. Providing guests with memorable experiences is something that really makes the job rewarding.

My favorite experience working at Worlds of Fun has been delivering ride spiels before each dispatch, especially Mamba. As the roller coaster would exit the station, I’d get to say “Sit upright, hold on tight, Mamba is about to strike,” and then pound twice onto the desk and hiss like a snake. Seeing entire trains full of eager riders boom-boom hiss with me was an experience I’ll never forget. I got the chance to make those 32 riders more excited about the ride they were about to have on Mamba, and inspire them to come back and ride again.

Times like these are what makes working in rides and aquatics so fun. When you have fun on the job, guests have fun. They have a more positive experience, and more importantly, they feel like they belong. That’s why as a ride operator and lifeguard, you get the chance to shape hundreds of people’s experiences in the park just by being a friendly and smiling face. 

There are endless employee perks

I’ll just leave this list here:

  • Free admission to the park while employed
  • Free admission to all ten Cedar Fair amusement parks across the country
  • Complimentary tickets for your friends and family
  • Access to employee-only events at Worlds and Oceans of Fun after hours
  • 25% off the purchase of food in the park
  • 20% off the purchase of merchandise in the park
  • Multiple recognition programs and events
  • Scholarships
  • Free training and certification – including lifeguard certification

Ride Operator Job Openings

You create lifelong friendships

When you work at Worlds of Fun, you become part of a team. In order to keep a safe, clean, and fun environment at the park, it is important that you constantly communicate and interact as a team. The continual engagement with fellow ambassadors really brings you closer to them. By the end of the season, you will have created relationships that last a lifetime.

Rides Summer Jobs

This photo was captured in 2016 of me and my soon-to-be best friend.

I got the chance to become extremely close with my ride operations team. We would consistently grab a late-night dinner together or spend time with each other on our days off. I am proud to say that I have made some of my best friends working at Worlds of Fun, and those friendships have continued even after the park has closed for the season. 

There are so many more reasons to be a ride operator or lifeguard than just three. The first step to finding out why this summer job is right for you is by applying for a position. Apply online now to get started on your journey here at Worlds and Oceans of Fun! 

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McKenzie Koppe

This is McKenzie’s fifth season with Cedar Fair Entertainment, and her first in the marketing department. She is a junior at the University of Central Missouri pursuing a major in Digital Media Production with a minor in Public Relations. She's proud to be coaster nerd friendly. 

When she’s not at the park… well, she’s probably at the park.

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