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Sweeten your park experience at the Candy Kitchen!

Rita Hanch

This is Rita’s first season at the park and as a Communications Coordinator Intern. She attends Truman State University pursuing degrees in Communications and English. Rita enjoys the art of storytelling and tossing the good ol’ fris around.

Make your summer even sweeter! Along with thrilling rides, cool slides and fun times - the park now offers freshly made treats from our very own candy shop! Located near the front gate and Fjord Fjarlane; Candy Kitchen makes a wide variety of goodies that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. From fresh fudge to hand-dipped caramel apples, it will be hard to leave without something sweet in your hands.

The cooks behind the delectable creations?

Mary and Ellen have been working at Worlds of Fun for a combined 18 years! Their dedication has not gone unnoticed. After years of hard work, they are bringing their goody making talents to the new Candy Kitchen. 

“I love it up here. We used to make the fudge and apples behind the pizza shop. It’s great to have our own space now,” Mary said.

Ellen prepares the fudge fresh every day, while Mary focuses on the caramel and chocolate dipped apples. Together they’ve created new items like their hand-dipped cookies and marshmallow treats.

The hardest part about making the treats they say? “Nothing is too difficult,” Mary said. Meanwhile Ellen chimes in with a smile, “Doing the dishes.”

Why visit the Candy Kitchen?  

By merely stopping by the shop, you will receive a friendly greeting from a cool breeze and a delicious aroma of fresh fudge. They keep the kitchen at a cold temperature to prevent the candy from melting.  It is your choice to buy, but don't hesitate to ask for free samples. Mary and Ellen love sharing the shop's wide variety of fudges with the guests. (I suggest trying the Funnel Cake fudge!)

How 'bout them apples?

Guaranteed Quality 

They make the candy daily! Ellen whips up to seven different flavors of fudge for customers to enjoy. The batter is mixed in a machine and then swirled by hand.

The two tag team in the kitchen as they mix, dip, and decorate the fresh treats for customers. Once they choose their item, the staff gives customers their goody in an official box. An additional souvenir to bring home!

Ellen explains that the fudge is so widely loved and conveniently located for guests that Season Passholders will occasionally stop by the park solely to grab it for dessert!

The shop also offers other sweets, including salt water taffy, packaged gummies, lollipops, cotton candy and much more!

For your next visit to the park…

Make the Candy Kitchen a stop on your next visit to Worlds of Fun. Located in between Fjord Fjarlane and Viking Voyager, the shop is convenient and easily accessible. Say hello to Mary and Ellen and be sure to get your free sample!

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Rita Hanch

This is Rita’s first season at the park and as a Communications Coordinator Intern. She attends Truman State University pursuing degrees in Communications and English. Rita enjoys the art of storytelling and tossing the good ol’ fris around.

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