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Worlds of Fun is closed for the 2020 Season. See you in 2021! Learn More.

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Top 5 Tips for Halloween Haunt

Josh Smith

Josh is enjoying his sixth season at Worlds of Fun and his third in the marketing department. He is a recent Northwest Missouri State alum. When he isn't at the park he is cheering on his favorite soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.

The time has finally come. You’ve rounded up your bravest family members and friends, and you are ready to have the ‘yell’ scared out of you at Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt. Your heart pounds just thinking about the adrenaline rush you’ll feel as monsters jump out at you throughout the night. Your palms sweat thinking about the stomach-dropping first drop of your favorite roller coaster. You were born ready for this night and want to get the whole Haunt experience during your visit but you aren’t sure of the best approach. You’ve come to the right place. Here are my top 5 tips for getting the whole Haunt experience:

1. The Overlord’s Awakening

Each night, the monsters of the night gather at the front of the park to join their Overlord in his awakening. The Overlord delivers an empowering speech alongside his bewitching sidekicks and commands his Army of Darkness to lurk in the shadows and prey on the guests of Halloween Haunt. The speech concludes with a parade of monsters that you don’t want to miss. The conclusion of the parade kicks off Halloween Haunt as the monsters make their way to their homes. This show begins at 7:30 p.m. in September and 7:00 p.m. in October. Don't forget to check out the other two shows later in the night!

2. Fright Lane Pass

If you are someone who wants to get the entire Halloween Haunt experience by visiting all eight mazes, then the Fright Lane Passes are for you. This pass is an upgrade you can purchase that allows you to Scareville. You can purchase the Fright Lane passes on the side or as a part of your ticket here. There is only a limited number of these available each night, so hurry and get yours now!

3. Rides

Riding a roller coaster during Haunt makes an entirely new experience for adrenaline seekers. With the darkness of the night and the thickness of the fog in the air, you will see why Haunt is my favorite time for coaster riding. Check out the list of rides operating during Haunt here.

4. Worlds of Fun App

Our Worlds of Fun app is the perfect aide for your planning needs. With the interactive map, you can get walking directions to any destination in the park including mazes, rides, restaurants, shows, restrooms and much more. The Worlds of Fun app can also store your Gold Season Pass, mark your parking spot and even show you current ride wait times! Be sure to download the app for your IOS or Android advice.

5.Upgrade your Ticket

Do all of this all over again. You can upgrade your daily ticket into a 2020 Gold Season Pass by stopping by Guest Services on your way out of the park. Not only will this allow you unlimited access to the park in 2020, but you will also be allowed unlimited access for the rest of Haunt and all of WinterFest in 2019 as well! Come back again next week and continue the fun!

Don’t miss out on the fun. Get your tickets or 2020 Gold Season pass with access to the park for the rest of 2019 here.

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Josh Smith

Josh is enjoying his sixth season at Worlds of Fun and his third in the marketing department. He is a recent Northwest Missouri State alum. When he isn't at the park he is cheering on his favorite soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.

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