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Farewell Diamond Head, Aloha Riptide Raceway

Chris Foshee

I bless the rains down in Africa - adjacent to Prowler. 

Communications & social media manager at Worlds of Fun - @ChrisFoshee on Twitter

Last summer, we announced that we would be removing Diamond Head in Oceans of Fun to make room for the all-new Riptide Raceway, which will be the world’s longest mat racing slide when it debuts at our beloved waterpark in Kansas City this summer.

Our teams began removing Diamond Head soon after the 2019 season ended, and demolition of the attraction has been completed. We will soon see quick progress on the construction of Riptide Raceway, which is currently ahead of schedule despite the less than favorable winter weather.

Worlds of Fun on Twitter shows demo of Diamond Head inside the waterpark in Kansas City

Diamond Head History

Oceans of Fun opened on May 22, 1982. Introducing a waterpark in Kansas City was a huge deal for the city, especially considering that Oceans of Fun was the largest waterpark in the country at the time of its opening. Guests immediately flocked to its 16 attractions, and Dimond Head was one of the major draws.

You can check out more on Oceans of Fun's history in an earlier blog post. 

Ariel view of Oceans of Fun when the waterpark in Kansas City opened in 1982

Diamond Head featured three twisting water slides that totaled 400 feet each, Waikiki Wipeout, Maui WoWee and Honolulu Lulu. Perfectly positioned on the hillside of the waterpark’s natural terrain, which will also be utilized by Riptide Raceway, Diamond Head provided a thrill factor that the Kansas City waterpark needed.

All attractions have a lifespan, and after 37 seasons, it was time for Diamond Head to relocated to that giant waterpark in the sky.

Construction of Diamond Head in the waterpark in Kansas City

Enter Riptide Raceway: A Record Breaker

Riptide Raceway is the newest attraction to be added to Oceans of Fun since 2013 when Predator’s Plunge was added. It will add a thrilling element to the waterpark experience, but the slide is still very approachable for guests of all ages. Riptide Raceway will have a height requirement of ’42 inches – the same requirement as Aruba Tuba, which should give novice guests an idea of the thrill level that awaits.

New water slide at Oceans of Fun, a waterpark in Kansas City

Riptide Raceway is an all-new attraction, manufactured and designed by WhiteWater, which is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of waterpark attractions. The safety standards set forth by WhiteWater and Worlds of Fun exceed global safety standards. This includes the design, construction, testing and maintenance of the attraction.

When does Oceans of Fun Open? 

Oceans of Fun will open for the 2020 season on Memorial Day Weekend on May 22. Stay tuned for detailed coverage on the progress of Riptide Raceway, as well as other updates during the offseason including other enhancements to our waterpark in Kansas City.

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Chris Foshee

I bless the rains down in Africa - adjacent to Prowler. 

Communications & social media manager at Worlds of Fun - @ChrisFoshee on Twitter

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