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The ins and outs to wearing Face-Coverings and Masks at Worlds of Fun

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Face-Coverings Tips at Worlds of Fun

Rita Hanch

This is Rita’s second season at the park and as a Communications Coordinator Intern. She recently graduated from Truman State University earning degrees in Communications and English. Rita enjoys the art of storytelling and tossing the good ol’ fris around.

Worlds of Fun is now open daily from 11-7 with reservations now available for Season Passholders and daily tickets. To help keep our associates and guests safe during this time, everyone is required to wear a face-covering during their visit to the park.

Wearing a face-covering isn’t that bad. Sure, it takes a little while to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it – you almost forget it’s there. Here are some tips on making the most out of your visit to the park, while doing your part to keep yourself, fellow guests and our ambassadors safe.

Worlds of Fun amusement park rides

Face-Covering 101

1. Get a face covering that works best for you

Bringing a face covering that is both comfortable and functional is essential! Not only does your mask protect yourself and others, but it can also be another accessory. Choose a fun fabric and make a face covering that feels and looks good! Reminder, your face-covering must cover your mouth and nose. Wear glasses? Get a seal to put over the nose to avoid fogging up glasses.

We do require face-coverings on rides, so be sure you also bring a face-covering that properly secures around your head. 

Worlds of Fun guests following our mask policy

2. Face Covering Cleanliness

Worlds of Fun has reconfigured its dining locations to accommodate social distancing between tables. When it’s time to enjoy a delicious funnel cake from Norma’s or a refreshing soda from the Coca-Cola freestyle drink station, you will be allowed to take off your mask for food and drink. Before enjoying your meal, lay your face-covering on a clean napkin. When you’ve finished your meal, be sure to sanitize your hands before putting your face covering back on. If you need hand sanitizer, we have several hand sanitization stations across the park. You can even identify the nearest station on our free mobile app

3. Know that Worlds of Fun’s got your back!

You may find yourself feeling uncomfortable getting on a ride with a face-covering for the first time. You may ask yourself: Will I be able to enjoy this experience as much? We've tested our new face-covering policy on every ride in the park. As long as your face-covering is secure, you shouldn't run into any problems. But if you do, we will provide a replacement mask. We also suggest packing an extra face-covering too. 

New RelaxZones in the Park

As you walk around the park with your face-covering, we know that heat is something that needs special consideration. We have features and procedures in place to help guests and ambassadors cool off and stay healthy during their stay at the park. One of these features includes four RelaxZones spread out through the park. In the RelaxZone, you may remove your face-covering, provided social distancing of 6ft/2m is maintained between your party and other guests. These spaces can be found on the Worlds of Fun mobile app map. 

Worlds of Fun in-park signage for our mask policy

We are doing everything we can to ensure a clean and safe environment at the park. We are excited to welcome you back for a safe and fun visit to Worlds of Fun. Don’t forget to pack that face-covering!

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Rita Hanch

This is Rita’s second season at the park and as a Communications Coordinator Intern. She recently graduated from Truman State University earning degrees in Communications and English. Rita enjoys the art of storytelling and tossing the good ol’ fris around.

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