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Outstanding Ambassadors Receive Worlds of Fun Cornerstone Awards 

Every season the Worlds of Fun full-time staff gives Cornerstone Awards to ambassadors who consistently demonstrate dedication to our company cornerstones: Safety, Service, Courtesy, Cleanliness, and Integrity. This is the highest honor at Worlds of Fun associate can recieve and we are happy to announce 32 winners this season, from a variety of departments! 

Ambassadors have taken extra special care this season, as the park introduced new processes and enhanced procedures in response to COVID-19. We cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work and dedication to keep Worlds of Fun a safe and clean place for family fun in 2020.  We extend this gratitude to all of our 2020 ambassadors!

 Worlds of Fun 2020 Cornerstone Recipients 

The following ambassadors are well-deserved Worlds of Fun Cornerstone Award winners. While recipients received their award, they met with department managers and Worlds of Fun General Manager, Tony Carovillano.  

Their hard work and dedication show what working at Worlds of Fun is all about! 

(Left) Faith Niesen- Supervisor-Merchandise       Mackenzie Brenneman- Supervisor Park Services 

(Right) Jacalyn Cindrich- Supervisor-Games

Reed Pattee- Supervisor- Security Certified     Allison Swetnam-Supervisor- Live Entertainment 

      Melanie Johnson- Ride Operator          JayAnn Lance- Area Supervisor-Rides 

Rebecca Hild- HR Specialist 

Breann Taylor- Campground Supervisor 

Kathryn Bieker-  Marketing Coordinator 

Syania Williams- Food Services Associate 

Alexa Garrett- Merchandise 

Madison Harris- Games Supervisor 

Francisco Matos- Live Entertainment Supervisor 

Debbie Rulon- Admissions Supervisor 

Not pictured above: David Alger- Culinary Lead, Bernida Kyles- Food Services Supervisor, Patrick Savage- Food Services Supervisor, Jonathan Lutz- Food Services Supervisor, David White- Park Services Supervisor, Samuel Woodrum- Technical Services, Thomas Hogan-Technical Services, Emily Smith- Security, Linda Franklin-Admissions, Kim Young- Aquatics, David Mitchell- Foods Services, Ashley Durbin-Group Sales, Nathan Warder- IT Services, Emma Davis- Live Entertainment, Rita Hanch- Public Relations, Rana Ekilah- Ride Operations Supervisor, Tucker West- Ride Operations Supervisor 

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