All New Dining Plans: A Breakdown

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All New Dining Plan: A Breakdown

Sean Cunniff |
January 24, 2022

Get ready to sink your teeth into several new dining changes coming to Worlds of Fun for the 2022 season. Get your tastebuds ready for new foods prepared by new chefs cooking in new restaurants! Hungry for more? We're breaking down all the changes and going over what it means for your appetite. First course of changes: Dining Plans.

Worlds of Fun offers a variety of dining and drink plans to make sure our guests are only hungry for more thrills, not more turkey legs. Several of those plans are familiar to our guests and available now. Those include:

These plans offer a variety of unique benefits to cater to any unqiue tastes or dietary needs. If you crave variety, then you'll love our ALL NEW Dining Plan.

All Day Dining Premium

The All Day Dining Premium Plan is the definition of a little bite packing a big punch. It's similar to All Day Dining, with both offering a full meal for your delight every 90 minutes on any single day at the park. All Day Dining Premium takes it not just one, but two steps further.

Difference #1: Snacks

Are you hungry after tackling Fury of the Nile, but think a hamburger from Coasters a little too much? No problem. With All Day Premium your menu options are expanded to include snacks! Walk down to The Oasis and get popcorn instead. 

Difference #2: Drinks

Want an ice-cold Diet Coke to wash down that slice of cheesy goodness from Gold Rush Pizza? With All Day Premium the drinks are included and they keep flowing. You can get another Coca-Cola beverage every 15 minutes!

Those are two hefty differences, but what makes All Day Dining Premium even more tantilizing is the affordability. 

All Day Dining: $29.99     All Day Dining Premium: $39.99

That's right, it's only $10 more to open a new world of eats and drinks to fuel your day at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. Start planning your summer fun in the sun, and make the All Day Dining Premium plan part of it!

*This information regarding pricing and availability is only in relation the 2022 Season at Worlds of Fun.