Special Dietary Needs

Worlds of Fun offers a wide variety of foods. If you adhere to a specific dietary regimen or have food allergies, please speak to a food and beverage Supervisor for guidance and recommendations. Our staff will be happy to provide manufacturer ingredient lists upon request. Due to high volume production, food locations cannot accommodate or guarantee separation of cooking surfaces. Those guests who suffer from sensitive or life threatening allergies (such as peanuts) should exercise extreme caution as foods are transported, stored and prepared in close proximity.

Below is a list of our menu offerings that may accommodate guests with special dietary requirements. Some menu items are prepared only when ordered, so additional wait time may be required. Upon receiving your order, please ensure that each item is correct and prepared as ordered (e.g. correct condiments). Please refer to the park map for locations of restaurants listed below.

Dietary Needs

  • We do not use peanut oil
  • Locations that have nuts: All Stars Grill (salads), Tibetan Treats and Papaya Petes (roasted pecans, almonds, and cashews), Subway (cookies), Cinnabon, Peppermint Patty's (fudge and candy bars) 
  • Multiple locations serve puppy chow, which is made with peanut butter
  • Nacho chips may contain traces of nuts from manufacturing process
  •  Pizzo's Pizza - cheese pizza, cookies
  • King Tuts and Nordic Nook - turkey legs, fresh fruit
  • Tibetan Treats - kettle corn, cotton candy, and roasted nuts
  • All Stars - caesar salad (without croutons)
  • Lemon Tree
  • All Stars Grill - salads and pasta salad
  • Subway
  • Additionally, various locations serve cheese pizza, kettle corn, cotton candy, pretzels, etc.