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Student and Youth Groups

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Worlds of Fun Student and Youth Programs

It's Not Just About The Fun!

But don't tell the kids.

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Student and Youth Groups

Worlds of Fun offers something for everyone when it comes to Youth Groups. From making the park your own personal interactive classroom, to showing off your students' talent while performing in the park, or just celebrating that special occasion, we have fun & affordable packages that will Thrill your entire group!  

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Student and Youth Group Events

Fun Is Now In Session! From learning and leading to celebrating and having fun, Worlds of fun Student and Youth Group events will thrill groups of all sizes and varieties.

Worlds of Fun In-Park Performance

In-Park Performance

Available Most Operating Days

Whether marching band, show choir, dance troupe or something in between, groups are given the opportunity to dazzle guests and create lasting memories. Give your student or youth performance group the chance to shine!

Worlds of Fun Festival of Music

Festival of Music

April 21-23, 28-30

May 5-7, 12-14

Bands, choirs, and orchestras, grades 7-12, perform at the park in front of nationally acclaimed adjudicators in this state accredited competition. It's an opportunity to perform in a unique environment and receive timely feedback on the performance.

Worlds of Fun Thrill U Education Days

Thrill U Education Days

May 5, 10-12

Classroom lessons come to life in our unique outdoor setting. Students apply Physics, Science, and Mathematics to an amusement park and thrill rides. Eager learners receive a thrilling combination of content and hands-on activities to make the learning fun. 

Worlds of Fun Girl Scout Day

Girl Scout Day

May 6

Girl Scouts do amazing thing every single day. And for that, they deserve to have a whole lot of fun. So, Worlds of Fun invites Girl Scounts from all councils to spend a day challenging thrill rides and celebrating a successful cookie season! 

Worlds of Fun Festival of Dance

Festival of Dance

May 27 & 28

Performance and learning combined. Dancers enjoy the unique opportunity to show off their skills at the park for an esteemed group of dance professionals who will provide insightful feedback on the performance and an opportunity for the dancers to learn and grow.

Worlds of Fun Connect H2O

Connect H2O

June 25

Join us where fun & faith come together. Attend the third annual fellowship evening event at Oceans of Fun! Enjoy Christian DJ Music featuring KLOVE 97.3 and Air1 91.9 during exclusive time at Coconut Cove.

Cub/Boy Scout Days

Cub/Boy Scout Days

August 4, 5, 6

Cub and Boy Scouts are invited to challenge thrill rides and take their bravery to new levels during Cub and Boy Scout Days!

Home School Weekend

Home School Weekend

August 12 & 13

Take the classroom outdoors and experience the thrills that mathematics, physics and science can create during Worlds of Fun's Home School Weekend!

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Curriculum Materials

Start downloading the fun now.

Thrill U Workbook Physics Activity Guide Scavenger Hunt
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Admission Pricing and Order Forms

Ready to get started? Simply download an order form to complete and mail it in with your payment. If you'd like to pay by credit card, please call 816.303.5135 weekdays between 9AM and 5PM.

Spring Pricing


April 14 - May 25

Minimum purchase of 15 tickets is required.

Summer Pricing


May 26 - September 10

Minimum purchase of 15 tickets is required.

Fall/Haunt Pricing


September 16 - October 29

Minimum purchase of 15 tickets is required.

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Meals and More

Add even more fun to your time at the park by adding meals, drinks and more. Make sure your group stays fueled for the fun all day long with these fun and delectable options.

Worlds of Fun Catered Meals

Catered Meals

Groups of 40+

With our student group catering options, we offer delicious picnic meals for your entire group at one low cost per person. 

Worlds of Fun Drink Wristband

Drink Wristbands


Drink wristbands allow your entire group to enjoy fountain soft drinks at most walkup midway food locations all day long. Only available to groups of 15 or more. Advance purchase required. Not available at the park.

Worlds of Fun Food Voucher

Meal Voucher


Groups may add-on the single meal voucher and grab a meal at any one of 15 possible locations throughout Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun.

Dinosaurs Alive! offers not only the excitement of a tail thrashing, clawing and roaring exhibition with more than 35 life-sized, moving animatronic dinosaurs, but the opportunity for guests of all ages to actively engage in a unique learning experience.

Dinosaurs Alive!


Dinosaurs Alive! offers not only the excitement of a tail thrashing, clawing and roaring exhibition with more than 35 life-sized, moving animatronic dinosaurs, but the opportunity for guests of all ages to actively engage in a unique learning experience.  

Worlds of Fun Beagle Bucks

Beagle Bucks

$1 or $5 Certificates

Send your students to the park with Beagle Bucks, gift certificates in $1 or $5 values that can be spent anywhere in the park, just like cash.