Story Ideas

Story Ideas

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Here Are Some Great Story Ideas

The majority of guests visiting Worlds of Fun today reach for their keyboard before they reach for their car keys.  The benefits of advance planning are readily available through the park's new e-commerce platform.  Whether its a ticket, special food and beverage offerings, or accommodations, they are easily purchased ahead of time, making a visit to the park better before it begins.

The Carousel has only been at the Worlds of Fun since 2011, but it is the oldest ride in the park at 86 years.  While bigger and faster rides get all the attention, its attractions like the Carousel that are the heart of every amusement park.  It's a ride that families truly enjoy riding together.

In 1926, M.C. Illions meticulously carved 64 jumping horses and two chariots to create the Illions Supreme carousel, one of the most valuable carousels in the world. Known for their all wood horses with high swept manes adorned with jewels, only five original Supreme models were ever built by Illions.

Illions built the ride in 1926 for the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration held in Philadelphia. In 1927, it was moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and in the 1930's moved to Coney Island be restored. The carousel operated at Geauga Lake in Aurora, Ohio, from 1937 to 2007, and now has been painstakingly detailed to its original condition by Carousel Works, Inc, Mansfield, Ohio, the largest manufacturer of carousels in the world.

Planet Snoopy boasts over 20 PEANUTS-themed rides, shows, and attractions, including seven new rides designed for families to ride together. Little ones can take a trip on new monster trucks, take to the skies on a forty-foot balloon ride, or hop in a spinning tug-boat for the whole family. Plus a Family Care Center provides families with a perfect spot to cool off, feed little ones, and store supplies.  Kids also have an opportunity to meet their favorite PEANUTS pals like Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally, and of course the world's most popular beagle, Snoopy!