Worlds of Fun is a traditional amusement park themed around Jules Verne's adventure book Around the World in Eighty Days. The park offers its guests more than 235-acres of rides and attractions, including seven world-class roller coasters, thrill rides, and award-winning live entertainment. Oceans of Fun is one of the largest water parks in the Midwest. The park offers a wide variety of attractions for guests of all ages, including a four-story interactive water playhouse, a giant wave pool, a large water slide raft ride, several children's activity areas, and more. Admission to Oceans of Fun is included with all tickets, and is open seasonally from May to September.

Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun make up the number one tourist attraction in the Kansas City area.

Timeline of Capital Additions at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun:

1971  Worlds of Fun construction begins.

1973  Worlds of Fun opens with rides, shows, and attractions on May 26.

1974  The 4,000 seat Forum Amphitheatre is opened in the Europa section of Worlds of Fun.

1976  Bicentennial Square and the Screamroller roller coaster are added to honor the nation’s 200th birthday.

1977  Worlds of Fun adds the Bamboozler to the Orient section, the Wobble Wheel to the Americana section, the Micro Moto Bahn to the Scandinavia section, and the Bounce-A-Roos to Europa.

1978  The Aerodrome section is added, featuring several new rides and attractions including Barnstormer, Treehouse Hollow, the Prop Shop, and Lucky Lindy’s Lunch.

1979  New additions include Le Carrousel in the Europa section, the Zulu in the Africa section, Beetle Bumps in the Orient section, and Wing Ding in the Aerodome section. Worlds of Fun also gives its 100 millionth ride.

1980  The new Orient Express steel roller coaster takes riders down a 115-foot drop at 65 mph and through four upside-down loops.

1981  The Incred-O-Dome Theatre, a sight and sound film spectacular with a 180-degree quadrospherical screen, premiers at Worlds of Fun. The Casbah games area opens.

1982  Worlds of Fun celebrates 10 years. The River City section including the Rampage and the 1,000 seat Country Junction Amphitheatre opens. Oceans of Fun opens as the Midwest’s largest tropically themed water park with 60-acres of water attractions.

1983  The EXT, the first stand-up roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere, opens along with the Starbeam Music machine, a multi-image journey through rock n’ roll history.

1984  The Fury of the Nile river rapids ride debuts as Worlds of Fun’s largest expansion project to date.

1985  Worlds of Fun adds more fun to its entertainment lineup with the Stax of Wax rock n’ roll review, the Haunted Theatre magic show, and the Rainbow Brite Kids musical.

1986  Worlds of Fun adds the Omegatron, a six-story, upside-down thrill ride and the park gives its 200 millionth ride.

1987  The 15th anniversary of Worlds of Fun brings Pandamonium, a special area just for kids.

1988  Worlds of Fun introduces the Plunge, four lightning-quick hydroflumes.

1989  The Timber Wolf is unleashed at Worlds of Fun featuring a 95-foot drop and an upward spiraling 120-foot helix.

1991  Worlds of Fun introduces Beat Street with the Rockin’ Reeler and the Skyliner Ferris Wheel.

1992  Worlds of Fun turns 20 and brings the torrential power of the Monsoon water ride. Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are linked with the Same Day Gateway allowing guests to visit both parks with the convenience of a short walk.

1993  The children’s roller coaster Wacky Worm is added.

1994  The Sea Dragon swinging ship ride debuts.

1995  Cyclone Sam’s is added at Worlds of Fun and Cedar Fair, L.P. purchases Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun.

1996  Worlds of Fun reaches new heights with the 200-foot-tall Detonator, the first twin-tower, 24-passenger space-shot structure in the world; and the RipCord combines the thrills of skydiving and bungee jumping into an adrenaline pumping adventure.

1997  Worlds of Fun celebrates its 25th season with two exciting additions to the park. Berenstain Bear Country, an interactive attraction straight from the pages of the popular story books, premiers as well as the debut of Summer Spectacular laser light show.

1998  Named for one of the fastest and most feared snakes in Africa, Worlds of Fun adds a new steel roller coaster, MAMBA®. Mamba debuts as one of the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coasters in the world.

1999  The all-new Grand Prix Raceway feeds the need for speed with a quarter mile of twisting racetrack.

2000  New for 2000 is the thrilling Boomerang roller coaster. This 12-story-tall scream machine rockets riders both forwards and backwards through its course.

2001  Camp Snoopy, Worlds of Fun’s new family play land, opens as one of only five in America and is the only place in mid-America to meet the PEANUTS™ characters every day.

2002  Worlds of Fun celebrates its 30th season with ThunderHawk, a unique thrill ride that challenges the laws of physics.

2004  Worlds of Fun unleashes Spinning Dragons, a five-story tall roller coaster with cars that spin as they move through hairpin turns and plummeting spirals. Camp Gonnagitcha Witchahatchet, Lore of the Vampire, and Fright Zone take frights to new heights during Halloweekends.

2005  Guests stay where they play with the opening of the Worlds of Fun Village, a cabin, cottage, and RV resort located adjacent to both parks. Camp Snoopy adds PEANUTS™ Playhouse, a three-story interactive funhouse with over 50,000 foam balls, slides, geysers, and blasters. The opening of Zarda BBQ in the Americana section and Sunset Strips in the Scandinavian section offer guests new dining experiences. Dominion of Doom is added to Halloweekends.

2006  Park visitors soar with PATRIOT, the longest, tallest, and fastest full-circuit inverted roller coaster in the region, and the largest capital expenditure on a single attraction in the park’s history at over $14 million. Asylum Island is committed to Halloweekends.

2007  Serving wok-cooked Chinese favorites, Panda Express opens in the Orient section of the park. BloodShed and CarnEvil are added to Halloween Haunt.

2008  Worlds of Fun celebrates 35 years with the addition of the Celebrate America Festival, Oktoberfest, Cinnabon, a new shooting gallery, and new Halloween Haunt attractions. Mamba celebrates 10 years of thrills with special events throughout the season.

2009  PROWLER, a beast of a wooden coaster, is added to the Africa section of the park. This incredible rides hugs the wooded terrain below. Subway, serving fresh sandwiches, opens in the Americana section of the park. The Lift, a teen focused apparel store, opens in Scandinavia along with Tyke Town Cafe. Halloween Haunt expands with Club Blood and Overlords Awakening.

2010  Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights, a $1 million immersive light and sound experience, opens in the Europa and Africa sections of the park. Subway opens at Oceans of Fun. Corn Stalkers is added to Halloween Haunt.

2011  Planet Snoopy, an $8 million expansion and one of the country's finest family areas, is added to Worlds of Fun, with over 20 rides and attractions in total. An Illions classic and one of the finest carousels in the world, The Grand Carrousel is added to the Scandinavia section of the park. London Terror is added to Halloween Haunt.

2012  Plaza Gifts receives a makeover and moves locations. Lemon Tree self-serve yogurt opens in the Scandinavia section of the park in its former place. Zombie High School is added to Halloween Haunt.

2013 One Park. One Price. Twice the thrills. After 30 years are being separately gated, admissions, beginning in 2013 to all guests who buy a Worlds of Fun ticket from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend also receive admission into Oceans of Fun. 

2013 Predators' Plunge - Sharks Revenge and Constrictor added to Oceans of Fun

2014 SteelHawk added to Worlds of Fun 

2015 Splash Island added to Oceans of Fun and NEW Haunt added - Blood on the Bayou 

2016 Five new family rides added to Planet Snoopy - Beagle Brigade Airfield, Linus' Launchers, Snoopy's Junction, Snoopy's Space Buggies, and Woodstock Gliders. Halloween Haunt received new London's Terror Square and offered the 7 Deadly Sins themed Skeleton Key Rooms