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Grand Carnivale is Worlds of Fun's new Cultural Event & Celebration

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Performers at Worlds of Fun's Cultural Celebration

Grand Carnivale

July 24 - August 8, 2021

Back for another season of AMAZING in 2021 is Grand Carnivale, Kansas City’s must-see international event! Come to Worlds of Fun during summer 2021 to experience how the world kicks up its heels at our day-to-night, larger-than-life cultural celebration. You’ll be transported to AMAZING locales far and wide with authentic entertainment, delicious tastes and sips, lively games, unique crafts and traditions from nations spanning the globe. Take in the extravagant sights and sounds of our nighttime Spectacle of Color Parade, a glittering sensory spectacular of lavish floats, interactive street performers and pulsing rhythms. As the parade concludes, thunderous music builds to a crescendo and the King of Carnivale kicks off a street party filled with entertainers, an interactive dance party, scrumptious eats and so much more. Grand Carnivale is a cultural event with AMAZING fun for everyone next summer!

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Spectacle of Color Parade at Worlds of Fun's Cultural Celebration

Spectacle of Color Parade

Immerse yourself in the electrifying vibe of our Spectacle of Color Parade, a joyous procession of cultural traditions from around the globe during 2021’s Grand Carnivale. Extravagantly decorated floats, mesmerizing street performers and pulsing rhythms will enchant and delight -- especially as the day slips into night and the sky radiates with a dazzling array of lights that takes on a life of its own.

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Carnivale Street Party at Worlds of Fun's Cultural Celebration

Carnivale Street Party

As the Spectacle of Color Parade winds down, let’s gear up for a party! You’ve never been to a bash quite like our Carnivale Street Party with international music, magic and merrymaking. Glimmering, shimmering lights, high-energy live entertainment, dancing in the streets and delicious food and drinks from around the globe make Carnivale Street Party the ultimate way to end a stellar night in 2021.

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Festive Food Options at Worlds of Fun's Cultural Celebration

Carnivale Festive Food Options

What pairs best with a world-class party? World-class food!  At Grand Carnivale, not only will you see and hear how the world kicks up its heels, but you’ll taste extraordinary cuisine from global cultures. Foodies will rejoice at the wide variety of scrumptious flavors and enchanting aromas. Make sure to grab a 2021 Grand Carnivale Tasting Card so you can taste the world in one night!