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Pigpen's Petting Farm

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Pigpen’s Petting Farm

Pigpen’s Petting Farm

Pigpen’s favorite furry and feathery friends have come to visit him! Little hands can feed the little mouths of the animals at Worlds of Fun’s petting farm located in Planet Snoopy, available through October 27. Animal-lovers of all ages can make some fluffy new friends and learn about their new acquaintances up close and personal. With llamas, and rabbits, and goats (oh my!) and many other friendly creatures Pigpen’s Farmhouse Friends has an animal everyone will love.

These farmhouse friends are some of the sweetest animals around! All of the little critters are super friendly to people of all ages, gentle enough for the youngest and the oldest animal lover! All can have the animals nibble from their hands for $2.00 per cup of feed. Pigpen’s Farmhouse Friends is a space where fun interactions create amazing moments that children will never forget.

Petting Farm hours are 12 - 6PM

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