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Enjoy the Live Show: Tinker's Toy Factory

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Tinker's Toy Factory at Worlds of Fun's Holiday Event

Tinker's Toy Factory

Location: Moulin Rouge Theater

Oh no! Santa is feeling under the weather, and the elves must pull together to prep presents for delivery. Tinker and the other elves are in a tizzy as they worry what could happen if Santa isn’t well enough to drive his sleigh of reindeer. Will little Susie get her sleeps-a-lot doll she asked for? Will Timmy receive his shiny new bike?

Tinker’s Toy Factory is a musical theatre production, meant for children young and old. This fun and upbeat performance in the Moulin Rouge Theater is a perfect stop to take a seat and let the story immerse you. With a fully transformed theater, you’ll feel like you’re right at the center of this colorful production line with toys overflowing and elves bustling about. See all of Santa’s toy-making elves in their cheery hats and pointed shoes and get wrapped up in the story of Tinker and his Christmas wish.