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Single Day FunPix
Single Day FunPix

All Season FunPix

Just $49.99

Get unlimited digital photos in 2020!

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All Season FunPix

Capture a season of memories when you add FunPix to your 2020 Season Pass and get unlimited digital, professional park photos from every visit to Worlds of Fun during the season.

Add It to Your 2020 Pass for Only $49.99 plus applicable taxes and fees
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10 Reasons to Love FunPix

Get Pictures You Can't Get Yourself
Pays For Itself In Just 3 Photos
Unlimited Digital Photos
Pay Once for the Whole Family
Use at Multiple Locations at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun
Use at Six Other Eligible Cedar Fair Parks
Unique Selfie Spots
Unlockable Photo Borders
Instantly Share On Social Media
Use the App to View & Share Photos
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How do I use FunPix?

Purchase a FunPix plan online, at the front gate or at any FunPix location and create your account.

Download the park app to your mobile device. This is where all your FunPix photos will be housed.

Get your photo taken at locations throughout the park! 

  • At FunPix locations (show your FunPix card after the ride) 
  • By roaming FunPix photographers (show your FunPix card to the photographer) 
  • At FunPix Photo Spots. Open the park app and scan the QR code at each Photo Spot with your mobile device to unlock special borders for taking one-of-a-kind photos.

All FunPix digital photos taken throughout the day (with a Single Day Digital Pass) or season (with an All Season Digital Pass) can be found within the Worlds of Fun mobile app. Download as many digital photos as you would like from the app or our FunPix website.

Order prints the same day in the park and receive a great price.

How do I redeem my FunPix voucher?

After you purchase FunPix online you will receive a receipt email to use as a voucher. To redeem:

1. Print the receipt and bring it with you on the day of your visit to the park.
2. Present the receipt at any FunPix location to get your FunPix card and create your account.
3. That's all there is to it! Remember to have your card scanned any time your picture is taken at a FunPix Location to add that picture to your account!

Season Passholders, your FunPix voucher is tied to your season pass, just present your pass at a FunPix location and let them know you have FunPix!

What if I lose my FunPix card?

No problem! Just come to a FunPix location, give us your email address and we’ll issue you a new card and link your existing FunPix photos to it.

I purchased FunPix online but forgot to bring my voucher. What do I do?

It’s OK! As long as you have the purchase receipt on your mobile device, we can access the information we need from there. Or, visit Guest Services.

How long will the FunPix photos be available in the app or online?

For Single Day Pass holders, FunPix photos will be available for 30 days. For All Season Pass holders, FunPix photos will be available until the end of the season.

I purchased FunPix and collected photos.  Where do I download my digital images?

Please visit

Are antique photos or videos included in FunPix?

No, those are separate activities.

Is Santa Photo included with my FunPix?

Your digital photos can be added to your FunPix account with the purchase of any regular price Santa Photo item. FunPix discounts do not apply to Santa Photo.

Do I qualify for a Season Pass discount on my FunPix card or products?

No, FunPix is already a tremendous value, so no additional discounts apply.

I am not a Worlds of Fun season passholder. May I buy a FunPix All Season Digital Photo Pass?

No, the FunPix All Season Digital Photo Pass is available only to Worlds of Fun season passholders.

Can I use my FunPix card at other Cedar Fair parks?

All Season FunPix cardholders will get to capture, collect and share all of their photos at all other FunPix parks:

  • California’s Great America
  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • Carowinds
  • Cedar Point
  • Kings Island
  • Kings Dominion
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Worlds of Fun