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Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is Closed for the 2020 Season. See you in 2021! Learn More.

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Offseason Ride Maintenance 

Chris Foshee

I bless the rains down in Africa - adjacent to Prowler. 

Communications & social media manager at Worlds of Fun - @ChrisFoshee on Twitter

What goes on at amusement parks when they are closed?

The gates of Worlds of Fun may be closed from January to April, but there's still a lot going on at the park. In fact, it's one of the busiest times of the year for our ride technicians. From adding enhancements to performing routine maintenance and care to our Kansas City attractions, the work we put in now pays off tenfold once we open our gates. 


Routine Ride Maintenance

Within two to three weeks after closing, all the cars and trains are removed from their attractions and moved to the maintenance shop for annual maintenance. Once there, every train is disassembled and rebuilt. This process is carefully completed to prolong the life of our rides, assure normal operation and above all else – ensure everything is operating safely.


A ride technician performs work on Spinning Dragon's wheel assembly. 

Once the train has been disassembled, our team of highly trained technicians inspects and tests each ride function. Parts from each ride are tested according to elevated industry standards and the ride manufacturers’ specifications. Testing may include x-rays, ultrasonic testing, accelerometer testing and magnetic particle testing – just to highlight a few.


Ride maintenance can take several weeks to complete. Due to a shorter off-season with WinterFest now running through December 31, the process may start as soon as November for some of our smaller attractions.

After testing has concluded and needed parts have been replaced, the cars and trains are rebuilt and will remain in the maintenance shop for storage throughout the winter months to keep them dry and protected from the harsh elements. This is also the time where some attractions may receive cosmetic care like new paint jobs or lighting packages. 


The train panels on Timber Wolf are being primed for a new paint job. 

Spring Preparations 

As spring approaches, the trains and cars return to the park for another series of tests and inspections. Additional adjustments may be made for optimal operation. In the weeks leading up to Worlds of Fun's opening day, state and third-party inspections are completed, the rides are polished, operators are trained and everything is prepared for opening.  

Kansas City Attractions

It's also worth mentioning, inspections and tests are conducted before each and every operating day to ensure all attractions are safe and operating appropriately.

The team at Worlds of Fun takes great pride in caring for our rides, and it is just one reason why a trip to an amusement park is one of the safest activities a family can do together.


Be on the lookout for related Words of Fun blog posts covering the offseason, including construction coverage of the all-new Riptide Raceway, the longest mat racing slide in the world. 

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Chris Foshee

I bless the rains down in Africa - adjacent to Prowler. 

Communications & social media manager at Worlds of Fun - @ChrisFoshee on Twitter

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