Former Games Ambassadors Reunite at Worlds of Fun

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Former Games Ambassadors Reunite 


Josh Smith |
October 31, 2019

There’s no doubt that working at Worlds of Fun is the perfect place to learn job skills, make some extra cash and have fun while doing it. On top of extra spending money, many people also leave Worlds of Fun with a bunch of lifelong friends to stay in touch with. In fact, there is a group of over 300 old Games Associates who stay in touch over Facebook, calling themselves the WOF Games Alumni Association. This group found themselves back behind the games fundraising for a huge reunion party.

Ex games manager Cole Lindbergh worked closely with current games manager Michael Kramer to allow old associates to return to the games sections each Saturday of Halloween Haunt through Worlds of Fun's Funraiser program to raise money for this party. Over 25 people signed up for this fundraiser over a five-week span.

Games manager Kramer mentioned that having old games associates was great, saying, “They brought an energy that our games are known for”. A lot of this energy comes from the passion that old associates feel about the Games Department, and the ability to share their experience with current associates. One member of the Alumni Association, Gabriel Casner even mentioned, “Into my 40s I still have friends from Worlds of Fun I talk to, and I had friends from Worlds of Fun at my wedding. I think back on those days as some of my favorite times”. There’s no doubt that this place feels like home to hundreds of former associates.

It is unanimous among the 300 members of the WOF Games Alumni Association that working in Games is more than just a job. “Games is family. Games is growing up. Games is where so many of us spent our biggest ‘growing’ years, and everything involving that job, in some way, has impacted our life,” says ex games manager Lindbergh.

People of all ages remember their first time winning a game, proving to their friends and family that the games are not rigged, and it’s such an awesome feeling to be a part of that excitement. Click here to check out our Play & Save deal which includes 25 $1 game vouchers and two single-use fast lane passes for rides for just $20!

Members of the Alumni Association are looking forward to making this an annual tradition, coming back to each Halloween Haunt to re-live the memories of their favorite jobs all while raising money for a fun reunion party. These parties will allow the Games family to grow and allow the friendships to last a lifetime.

If you are someone or know someone looking for the perfect first job to gain valuable work skills, build lasting friendships and have a blast while doing it, then spread the word about working at Worlds of Fun! You can also click here to see how you can take advantage of Worlds of Fun's Fundraiser program for your group. Memories are ready to be made.

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