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Talya Groves: A World of Talent

Chris Foshee

I bless the rains down in Africa - adjacent to Prowler. 

Communications & social media manager at Worlds of Fun - @ChrisFoshee on Twitter

From 2009 to 2014, Talya Groves spent her summers on stage at Worlds of Fun doing what she loved – performing. Singing, dancing, rock-n-roll, Motown, show tunes - her workday always ended in applause.


After taking her final bow in the Moulin Rouge and graduating from Pace University Musical Theatre, Talya moved to New York City to chase her dream of being a professional entertainer. She landed her first role on Broadway when she joined the cast of Motown The Musical on Broadway in 2016. Since then, Talya has continued to shine under the big city lights with credits in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clueless: The Musical and additional solo musical performances.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Talya’s talents are taking her far. But before she was on Broadway, she was at Worlds of Fun and credits her time at the park as a major driving force for her success.

“It’s the best gig,” Talya said. “You not only strengthen skills, you develop skills you didn’t know you had. I didn’t know I could be a powerhouse on stage. I knew I could sing and dance, but Worlds of Fun is what really gave me the opportunity to find my power on stage.”

Talya learned a lot, including the art of a quick change and how to be comfortable with herself in auditions.

“So much of musicals and plays involve playing other people, but when you go into an audition room, you have to be yourself. You have to perform and put the best version of you forward, and six seasons at Worlds of Fun will definitely help you do that,” she said.

Worlds of Fun Entertainment

While performing was extremely rewarding, Talya’s favorite thing about her time at Worlds of Fun was the lasting friendships that she was able to create. As with most associates, her friends became family.

“Too many fun memories,” she said with a smile. “We had just as much fun backstage as we had on stage.”

For local performers looking to get their start, Talya shared three pieces of advice:

  1. Join the entertainment team at Worlds of Fun.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Stay true to who you are and trust what you have.
  3. Be authentic.

Now Hiring – Entertainment and More

Talya is the perfect example of what hard work and opportunity can create. If you’re a budding star looking for a stage to shine on, Worlds of Fun is currently auditioning for instrumentalists, singers, dancers and costume character performers. The team is also interviewing theater and wardrobe technicians, stichers and other experienced technicians. Click here to learn more and to find upcoming auditions in your area, including the University of Kansas, University of Central Missouri and Northwest Missouri State University.

If you’re not a performer or technician, but still want to find an exciting position where work is fun, Worlds of Fun is now hiring for thousands of positions throughout the park. Perks include competitive pay, paid training and free park admission. Working at Worlds of Fun means you receive worlds of friends, worlds of flexibility and worlds of experience. Learn more and apply at

Stay tuned for 2019's Worlds of Fun live entertainment lineup, including the addition of new shows.

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Chris Foshee

I bless the rains down in Africa - adjacent to Prowler. 

Communications & social media manager at Worlds of Fun - @ChrisFoshee on Twitter

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