Riptide Raceway is scheduled to open in Oceans of Fun water park in Kansas City during the 2021 season.

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Get An Early Look At Oceans of Fun's New Water Slide - Riptide Raceway

Chris Foshee |
September 29, 2020

Riptide Raceway was slated to open in 2020. Park staff and fans eagerly awaited the all-new addition in Oceans of Fun waterpark when it was announced in August 2019. Construction crews broke ground during the offseason with the demolition and removal of Diamond Head, an original Oceans of Fun attraction that opened 1982.

Despite the Midwest’s unpredictable offseason weather, Riptide Raceway began taking shape. Progress was slowed in March, but we continued to prepare the water slide complex for a late spring opening. The dedication from Riptide Raceway’s manufacturer and designer, WhiteWater West, ensured the slide would be ready to thrill families and guests regardless of what challenges and limitations awaited the 2020 season.

Oceans of Fun did not open for the 2020 season, but despite missing its expected opening, Riptide Raceway is 100-percent ready to debut in 2021. It will be the longest slide of its kind in the world.

Check Out Oceans of Fun's New Water Slide Complex!

new water slide at oceans of fun

With bright and bold colors, Riptide Raceway adds a splash of appeal in Oceans of Fun waterpark. The view from atop the new slide complex is one of the best a guest can get. 

Riptide Raceway is a new water slide at oceans of fun water park in kansas city

Four lanes will welcome their racers. Each rider will grasp their soft foam mat and turn their attention to the racing lights that count the racers down. Once the light turns green, you'll need to be the fastest down the 486-feet descent to the finish line. 

Oceans of Fun water park's riptide raceway

Riptide Raceway is the world's longest mat racing water slide. Guests will take their marks atop the five-story slide complex. Each tunnel features a winding journey, including a 360-degree loop. While similar, each tunnel has its own distinct qualities and racing advantages. 

Despite breaking a world record, Riptide Raceway is an attraction everyone in the family can enjoy. Guests must be "46 to ride, and the water slide provides a moderate thrill that can be enjoyed countless times each visit. 

oceans of fun water park in Kansas city has a new water slide

Stay tuned to your favorite Worlds of Fun social media channel for more updates and previews for the 2021 season, including Riptide Raceway, operating calendars and events. 2020 Season Passes have been extended to include the 2021 season. 2021 Gold Season Passes are now on sale at the lowest price of the year – just $89. This includes free parking, visits all 2021, exclusive perks and Oceans of Fun waterpark.

As always, entry into Oceans of Fun waterpark is included with admission to Worlds of Fun.