A Quick Guide To The Most Common Questions

NO BOO is a lanyard that can be purchased for $8. It is a symbol to our Screamsters to NOT scare you in the Scare Zones or Midways, specifically Boneyard, CarnEvil, Outlaws Revenge, Psycho Freaks and Hexed. Note - NO BOO does not work in our indoor and outdoor haunted mazes, specifically Lore of the Vampire, Blood Shed, CornStalkers, Asylum Island, London Terror, Miss Lizzie's Chamber of Horrors, and Zombie High.
 The following attractions will be closed on Friday nights
  • Viking Voyager - closes for the season after 9/27/15
  • Le Carrousel
  • Planet Snoopy Saturn
  • Planet Snoopy Jupiter
  • Red Barron
  • Krazy Kars
  • Cosmic Coaster
  • Fury of the Nile
  • Skyliner
  • Sea Dragon
The following rides will close down before Haunt opens (around 6pm)
  • Fury of the Nile
  • Viking Voyager - closes for the season after 9/27/15
  • Krazy Kars
  • Le Carrousel
The following rides will close at 10pm on Saturday Nights
  • Planet Snoopy Saturn
  • Planey Snoopy Jupiter
  • Red Barron
  • Coasmic Coaster
  • Sea Dragon
The following rides will close at midnight on Saturday Nights
  • Skyliner
  • Bamboozler
  • Autobahn
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Finnish Fling
  • Scrambler 
In case of severe weather, please feel free to seek shelter at one of our indoor retail locations or one of our theatres. In case of Tornado warnings, the Worlds of Fun team will direct guests and associates to the closest storm ready locations.

Examples of storm ready locations include (but not limited to) the Tivoli Music Hall, cinder block rest rooms and basement locations not regularly accessible to the general public on regular operating days.

Yes, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are connected near the Monsoon water ride. Your admission ticket includes access to all 235 acres of both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun!


Your Worlds of Fun ticket includes unlimited use of all rides, shows, and attractions inside Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun (open seasonally) for one-day. It does not include additional fee attractions, RipCord, Dinosaurs Alive, or various concerts and special events. All prices are plus tax unless noted.

 Yes! There is a charging station located at the new in-park Guest Relations at the Front Street Shops (next to Caribou Coffee).
The Junior / Senior Ticket is for guests ages 3 & older AND less than 48 inches in height OR Ages 62 & older. Any person 48 inches tall or taller needs to purchase a Regular Single-Day Ticket. Children 2 & under are admitted free. Children measured in shoes at Worlds of Fun and bare feet at Oceans of Fun. 
 No, do NOT discard your current Season Pass. It is now ACTIVE for the new season. 
Yes, all guests entering the park gates must have an admission ticket. Non-riding guests are encouraged to visit our unique shops, relax at Oceans of Fun, visit great Live Entertainment options, or enjoy a variety of mild rides.
Televisions are located at the Chickie's & Pete's sports bar and at Battle Creek BBQ

Parking is $15 per vehicle for a single-space. Park in a VIP parking space, close to the front gate, for $20. VIP parking spaces are only available at the Worlds of Fun gate. Oversized vehicles are $17. Save time and purchase parking online prior to your visit by clicking 'tickets' at the top of this page. 

Yes, you may pick-up or drop-off any person visiting in the pick-up / drop-off lane at either park. You will not be charged for parking.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards and most debit cards are accepted for parking fees, park admission, at most merchandise locations, and at select restaurants. ATMs are available throughout the parks. Guests may also purchase tickets using a personal check with 2 forms of ID. Visitors can even cash checks up to $100.00 per day at either of the Guest Relations offices.
Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are pleased to offer a Military Discount off the Front Gate admission price to military members and their families.  A valid military ID must be presented to receive the following prices:  
  • Regular Admission - $47.99 ($9 off the $56.99 gate price)  
For additional military ticket options, please consider calling your ITR office to inquire about discount programs:

•Offutt AFB, (402) 294-4049
•Fort Leavenworth ITR, (913) 684-2580
•Fort Riley ITR, (785) 239-5614
•McConnell AFB, (316) 759-6007
•Whiteman ITT, (660) 687-5618
Many rides at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are dynamic and thrilling. There are inherent risks in riding any amusement ride. For your protection, each ride is rated for its special features, such as high speed, steep drops, sharp turns or other dynamic forces. If you choose to ride, you accept all of these risks. Restrictions for guests of extreme size (height or weight) are posted at certain rides. Due to rider restraint system requirements, guests of larger size may not be accommodated on some of our rides. This may apply, but not be limited to, men who exceed 6’2”, or those who exceed 225 pounds, have a 40” waistline or 52” chest or females who exceed 200 pounds or wear size 18 or larger. Each person has different body proportions so it is not possible to list exact size and weight.

Guests with disabilities should refer to our Ride Admission Policy available at Guest Relations. Participate responsibly. You should be in good health to ride safely. You know your physical conditions and limitations, Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun do not. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a preexisting condition of any kind, DO NOT RIDE!

Missouri Statute RSMO 316.230 requires that riders obey all warnings and directions regarding all rides and behave in a manner that will not cause injury to themselves or contribute to the injury of others. Failure to comply may lead to ejection from the park and is a state misdemeanor.
Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun's definition of a responsible person is one who meets all of the requirements to ride the ride itself, is 16 years of age or older and demonstrates appropriate observed behavior.

The 2015 Guest Assistance Guide provides Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun guests with information regarding ride regulations, guest services, park policies, and special services for guests with disabilities. A hard copy of the Guest Assistance Guide is available at the Guest Relations Office located at the Main Entrance of both Parks.
In keeping with the family image of Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, we require guests to wear appropriate clothing. Profanity, illegal substances, and suggestive or offensive clothing are prohibited.

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times and swimwear sufficiently covered while at Worlds of Fun. For the safety of our guests, costumes are not permitted and will be refused admission with the exception of those under 12 years of age during our Halloween Haunt costume contests.

Bathing suits and bikinis are appropriate dress only at Oceans of Fun. Clothing with zippers, rivets, buckles, etc. is not appropriate swimwear at Oceans of Fun. Diaper dependant individuals are required to wear a waterproof diaper cover at Oceans of Fun. Towels are not provided, although may be purchased at Oceans of Fun.

Weapons of any kind (including pepper spray and folding/pocket hand tools) are never permitted on Worlds of Fun or Oceans of Fun property. Use of cameras and/or cell phones is not permitted inside the park restrooms and bathhouses. Some rides may require the removal of eyeglasses and t-shirts at Oceans of Fun.

To ensure that all guests have a fair opportunity to enjoy a ride as quickly as possible, line jumping is not allowed at Worlds of Fun or Oceans of Fun. Line jumping, regardless of the reason, may lead to ejection. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
We define line jumping as:
Cutting in front of other guests who are already in line;
saving a place for someone;
or leaving a line, then attempting to re-enter at the same point.
Since this includes using restrooms or purchasing food or drink, we suggest you make all stops before you enter the line.
If you plan an active day of riding rides, we suggest that you bring into the park only items that can be safely secured in cargo pockets, a waist pack or a zipping jacket pocket. To secure loose articles, a cargo pocket must fasten with a velcro or button flap or a zipper, a waist pack should fasten around the waist and have a zipper closure, and a jacket pocket must have a zipper closure.

For safety reasons, purses, backpacks, beverage containers or any other loose articles may not be taken on most rides at Worlds of Fun. These items may be left in a locker, your vehicle, with a non-rider, or at the owner's risk on the ride platform. However, Worlds of Fun is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen.
Most rides and attractions remain in operation despite rain. For your safety, certain rides and attractions may be closed due to rain, lightning, high winds, extreme temperatures, maintenance, and other reasons. We re-open closed rides and attractions as soon as possible. We do not issue rain checks or refunds.
If you plan to leave and return later that day, ask the ticket taker at the re-admission turnstile to stamp your hand. Guests will not be allowed to re-enter without a hand stamp. Be sure to keep your parking receipt if you take your car from the parking lot so you can re-enter without charge. Vehicles left overnight may be towed at owner's expense.
Guests may bring unopened bottles of water into the park. However, for everyone's safety, guests are not permitted to bring coolers, food, or other drinks into either park. Shaded picnic areas are available between parking lots D and F at Worlds of Fun and just outside the admissions gate at Oceans of Fun. Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun do not permit grilling, open flames or outside vendors to cater picnics on property. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the picnic areas located by the parking lots.

Guests with special dietary needs including but not limited to gluten allergies, please click here.
  • RipCord is a SkyCoaster attraction that features a 180-foot tethered free fall. You must be at least 48 inches tall to fly RipCord.
  • Flights are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • 3 flyers: 1 person-$28.00 + tax, 2 people-$23.00 + Tax  Ea., 3 people-$18.00 + Tax Ea.
  • Video of your flight: $12.95 plus tax

  Dinosaurs Alive
  • Step back in time to the beginning of the age of dinosaurs at Dinosaurs Alive, an immersive animatronic dinosaur park.
  • Single ticket-$6.00
  • Gold & Platinum Passholder Guest ticket - $2.50
**Prices are subject to change without notice.
To prevent your group from becoming separated during your visit, please arrange a specific time and place for your group to meet prior to entering the parks. We do not offer personalized public paging. If a child becomes separated from your group, we suggest you contact Worlds of Fun Security Personnel.

All items found are turned into Guest Relations. If you lose an item on a ride, we will search for the article as soon as it is possible. In order to keep the ride in operation, an immediate search may not be possible.
Lost Season Pass cards may be replaced at Guest Relations any operating day for a $15 fee.
You may visit Guest Relations just outside the Worlds of Fun or Oceans of Fun Main Entrance for more information during your visit. First Aid stations are located just inside the Worlds of Fun Main Entrance and adjacent to the Surf City wave pool inside Oceans of Fun. Both stations are staffed by EMTs during park hours. Refrigeration for most medication is available at First Aid.
Smoking and E-Cigarettes are not permitted at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, except in clearly designated smoking areas throughout the parks.
For the safety of all guests, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun may enforce routine bag searches and metal detection scans.

In keeping with the family image of Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, we require guests to adhere to the following guidelines:
Weapons of any kind (including pepper spray and folding/pocket hand tools) are never permitted on Worlds of Fun or Oceans of Fun property.

Additional prohibited items or actions:
Illegal substances
Suggestive and/or offensive clothing
Line Jumping
Costumes, face masks, etc. with the exception of those under 12 years of age during our Halloween Haunt costume contests

Violation of any of the above may result in refused admission and/or removal from park.
For information on local activities and accommodations, visit the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association website, email info@visitkc.com, or call (800) 767-7700. Or, stay on-site at Worlds of Fun Village.
A Supervising Companion is someone who meets all requirements to ride the ride themselves, is 16 years of age or older and demonstrates appropriate observed behavior.  
 All drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are prohibited at (in) all Cedar Fair parks, including Worlds of Fun, and any unauthorized drone(s) observed over Worlds of Fun will be reported to the FAA and local law enforcement, regardless of its point of origin or operation. Drones may pose a potential safety risk and may violate Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

Some Helpful Hints To Plan Your Day

Baby food and bottles are not available at the park. Guests are permitted to bring these items into both parks. These food items must be kept inside of a cooler and checked in at the Guest Relations Office before you are permitted to take the food inside. Bottles may be warmed at any restaurant in the park. Free ice water is available at any food location.


Diaper changing stations are available at all restroom facilities for the convenience of Mom or Dad or at the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy. At Oceans of Fun, children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper.


First Aid is located just inside the front gate at Worlds of Fun and adjacent to the Surf City Wave Pool at Oceans of Fun. Mothers who prefer a private area for nursing may also do so at First Aid or at the Family Care Center (WOF), and most medicines and medical equipment may be stored during your visit.


Hand-held infants (Infants who cannot walk by themselves) are permitted to participate in the following rides and attractions: Le Carrousel and Grand Carrousel (bench only with a responsible person), Worlds of Fun Railroad (not permitted to sit on outer edge). For detailed information about each attraction, please visit our Rides Section.

Located at the entrance to Planet Snoopy, the Family Care Center provides a place for families to relax and refuel together. Basic family care supplies, private feeding rooms, and family size restrooms are available.

Kid Track assists in reuniting lost children with their parents or guardians in case they become separated. An identification band with a phone number is placed on the child to quickly reunite a lost child with their parent or guardian. Available at Guest Relations at both parks or the Family Care Center at Worlds of Fun.

Worlds of Fun provides a variety of nutritious food for your children. Special kids meals are served at Coasters Midway Grill and Vittle Griddle, at Worlds of Fun and Calypso Cafe at Oceans of Fun.
An employee will escort any lost child to security personnel until you are re-united.

Children may be officially measured at Guest Relations to receive a wristband corresponding to their height in shoes at Worlds of Fun and in bare feet at Oceans of Fun. Worlds of Fun reserves the right to ensure that a child's height is not being artificially enhanced or manipulated.

Looking for tyke-sized fun? Little ones can meet the Peanuts gang and enjoy rides just for them in Planet Snoopy, featuring over 20 rides and activities that accomodate those not yet ready for the big thrills.

Rider Swap is available for those who have small children but no provision for childcare while participating in height-restricted rides. One person may wait with the child in the designated area on the exit side of the platform or station, while the other guests in the party enter the line. When the rest of the party has exited, the person who waited with the child may enter through the exit and ride. Visit Guest Relations for more information on Rider Swap.

Smoking is not permitted at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, except in clearly designated smoking areas throughout the parks.

You may bring your own stroller and wagon to the park. If you do not have a stroller, they are available for rent.
Sunscreen is available at gift shops throughout Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. Hats and sunglasses can be purchased at several gift shops including Plaza Gifts and Front Street Emporium.

Here Are Some Great Story Ideas

The majority of guests visiting Worlds of Fun today reach for their keyboard before they reach for their car keys.  The benefits of advance planning are readily available through the park's new e-commerce platform.  Whether its a ticket, special food and beverage offerings, or accommodations, they are easily purchased ahead of time, making a visit to the park better before it begins.

The Carousel has only been at the Worlds of Fun since 2011, but it is the oldest ride in the park at 86 years.  While bigger and faster rides get all the attention, its attractions like the Carousel that are the heart of every amusement park.  It's a ride that families truly enjoy riding together.

In 1926, M.C. Illions meticulously carved 64 jumping horses and two chariots to create the Illions Supreme carousel, one of the most valuable carousels in the world. Known for their all wood horses with high swept manes adorned with jewels, only five original Supreme models were ever built by Illions.

Illions built the ride in 1926 for the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration held in Philadelphia. In 1927, it was moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and in the 1930's moved to Coney Island be restored. The carousel operated at Geauga Lake in Aurora, Ohio, from 1937 to 2007, and now has been painstakingly detailed to its original condition by Carousel Works, Inc, Mansfield, Ohio, the largest manufacturer of carousels in the world.

Planet Snoopy boasts over 20 PEANUTS-themed rides, shows, and attractions, including seven new rides designed for families to ride together. Little ones can take a trip on new monster trucks, take to the skies on a forty-foot balloon ride, or hop in a spinning tug-boat for the whole family. Plus a Family Care Center provides families with a perfect spot to cool off, feed little ones, and store supplies.  Kids also have an opportunity to meet their favorite PEANUTS pals like Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally, and of course the world's most popular beagle, Snoopy!

Worlds of Fun History

The first new addition to Worlds of Fun after the park opened came during its second year in 1974 when the 4,000-seat Forum Amphitheater opened in the Europa section of the park.  A new section opened 1976 for America's Bicentennial called Bicentennial Square.  The Scream roller coaster was also added that year. 

The 1980's saw a new waterpark open next to the park, Oceans of Fun. At the time it opened, Oceans of Fun was the largest waterpark in the world. The sub-world River City opened in Americana near the Orient. The next year saw the Scream roller coaster transformed into the USA's first stand-up roller coaster. The decade ended with the addition of a major new roller coaster, Timberwolf. The ride quickly became a favorite of park visitors and enthusiasts alike.

The early part of the decade of the 1990's was a challenging one for Worlds of Fun.  In 1995, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company purchased the park from Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman.  Under the new ownership, thrilling attractions like the Mamba roller coaster were added as the decade came to a close.
This decade is defined by the addition of two major roller coasters.  In 2006, the Patriot roller coaster was introduced followed by Prowler in 2009.  The ride was an immediate hit, receiving the prestigious Golden Ticket for "Best New Ride of 2009" by Amusement Today, an industry publication. Prowler continues to rank as one of the top wooden roller coaster in the world in industry polls.  In 2008, Worlds of Fun celebrated its 35th anniversary season. 
The current decade began in 2010 when Worlds of Fun added an exciting new nighttime light show, Snoopy's Hot Summer Nights.  In 2011, Camp Snoopy was rethemed to Planet Snoopy and new attractions were added. That same year, the Carousel from Geauga Lake in Aurora, Ohio was added.

Did You Know?

In 1968, Lamar Hunt realized the need for a family theme park in the midwest and began conceptualizing what would become Kansas City's number one tourist destination. In 1969, nearly 500 acres was purchased and the site for the park was chosen, with construction beginning in 1971. The park opened in 1973 with 60 rides, shows, and attractions. Oceans of Fun followed in 1982, celebrating 10 years of Worlds of Fun.

Tivoli Terrace East and the big red games barn located near the entrance to Planet Snoopy.

Screamroller was introduced in 1976 along with Bicentennial Square, celebrating the nation's 200 years. In 1983 it was converted to EXT, America's first stand-up roller coaster.

The Spinning Dragons fountain used to be the footprint for the dolphin show, and an occasional diving donkey!

Seven world-class thrill machines! Patriot, Prowler, Mamba, Boomerang, Spinning Dragons, Timber Wolf, and Cosmic Coaster, the most the park has ever had.
"Eli" is a fully functioning replica of the great steam engines from the turn of the century and was manufactured by Crown Metal.
SteelHawk is 301 ft folllowed by the Mamba at 205 feet and the Detonator, Rip Cord, and Patriot. A height lovers paradise!
Prowler was awarded 'Best New Ride in the World' by Amusement Today in 2009, a tremendous feat for a wood coaster that isn't the tallest, longest, or fastest, but packs the most punch! 
$6.50 for adults, $5.50 for children under 12.
Patriot, opened in 2006 as a $14 million investment.
The park is themed to Jules Verne's book Around the World in 80 days.

Approved Park Descriptions

Worlds of Fun is a regional amusement park located in Kansas City, Missouri. Themed after the Jules Verne novel, Around the World in 80 days, Worlds of Fun offers over 100 rides, shows and attractions.
In 2013, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun combined park thrills to a one ticket admission. Guests now enjoy 235-acres of rides and slides in one park for one price. Worlds of Fun is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publically traded company (NYSE: "FUN") headquartered in Sandusky, Ohio.

Things to Know Before You Go


Information For Guests With Disabilities

At Worlds of Fun we are proud of our reputation for accommodating guests with disabilities through our Ride Admission Policy. To continue to provide equal access for all guests, be aware that all guests with mobility impairments or ASD will now receive a Ride Boarding Pass with wait times. The Ride Boarding Pass Program allows guests to access rides at specified times via the exit ramp in order to avoid crowds and waiting in the regular queue lines.

You may be asking yourself whether Worlds of Fun is appropriate for guests with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or whether your loved one on the spectrum will be able to handle the theme park experience. Worlds of Fun has taken steps to be well-prepared to welcome and provide accommodations for all types of disabilities, including autism and related disorders.

Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun work hard to be as enjoyable and barrier free as practical. We offer several services to accommodate as many guests as possible. If the information you seek is not provided below, please contact us via our online comment form.

Many rides at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are dynamic and thrilling. There are inherent risks in riding any amusement ride. For your protection, each ride is rated for its special features, such as high speed, steep drops, sharp turns or other dynamic forces. If you choose to ride, you accept all of these risks. Restrictions for guests of extreme size (height or weight) are posted at certain rides. Guests with disabilities should refer to our Ride Admission Policy available at Guest Relations. Participate responsibly. You should be in good health to ride safely. You know your physical conditions and limitations, Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun do not. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a preexisting condition of any kind, DO NOT RIDE!

Guests with casts and braces will be restricted from riding rides where the cast or brace will not fit inside the ride unit or where it will present a hazard to the guest or others. Guests with full arm (elbow restricted) and full leg (knee restricted) casts or braces are restricted from MOST rides at Worlds of Fun and most slides at Oceans of Fun. Guests with a cast should visit Guest Relations prior to entering the park for more information. All casts are prohibited on Prowler, and Timber Wolf.

We have a limited supply of wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs available for rent (electric wheelchairs at Worlds of Fun only). Guests may also bring their own wheelchairs and electric wheel chairs. Wheelchairs can be accommodated in all restaurants, gift shops, theatres, games, arcades and restrooms (see below).

All restrooms in Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are designed for access by disabled guests. All restrooms in both parks are wheelchair accessible excluding the Scrambler restroom and the Boomerang restroom.

Parking for guests with disabled placards is located in parking lots B and H at Worlds of Fun and in the lower level parking lot at Oceans of Fun. Please ask attendant at Toll Plaza for directions.

Guests with any type of prosthesis should not ride Detonator, Patriot, SteelHawk or Kite Eating Tree unless they can ensure the device is properly secured and will remain in place during the ride. If there is any concern of the prosthesis becoming dislodged during the ride, guests should visit the Guest Relations Office at the park entrance for assistance. All leg prosthetics are prohibited on Patriot per the manufacturer.

If requested at least one week in advance, Worlds of Fun will provide American Sign Language interpretation at live shows. To arrange for sign language interpreting services, please email info@worldsoffun.com.

Due to the dynamics of our rides, oxygen tanks may be restricted. Please stop by Guest Relations to identify any rides that may allow your tank. Oxygen tanks may be taken into all food, merchandise, or entertainment buildings.
For detailed information about services and the requirements for each attraction, please download the 2015 Guest Assistance Guide, or visit Guest Relations for a hard copy.

Service animals are welcome at Worlds of Fun. A service animal is defined as a dog or miniature pony that has been individually trained to perform tasks for a person with disabilities. We may ask you what task your service animal performs for you. Service animals must be controlled with a “restraining device” at all times while on our property. There is a limit of one service animal per guest. Due to the nature of most rides, service animals must remain with a non-riding member of your party. We are not permitted to take control of your service animal. Service animals are not permitted in water attractions, wet decks, wading pools, or lazy rivers. For your convenience, a relief area is located next to Prowler Photo. Please stop by Guest Relations for more information.

A Supervising Companion is someone who meets all requirements to ride the ride themselves, is 16 years of age or older and demonstrates appropriate observed behavior.  

2014 Pass Benefits


Get lunch and dinner every time you visit during the 2014 season. Add Season Long Dining to your season pass, at the park today!

Season Long Dining has a 2 hour wait time between meals and requires that your season pass be used for entry at the park on the day of visit.  The Season Long Dining plan includes an entrée and side at these participating restaurants Battle Creek BBQ, Beach Bites, Calypso Café, Coasters Drive-In, Pizza Pier, Pizzo Pizza, and Vittle Griddle. For Platinum passholders, Season Long Dining may only be redeemed at your home park. Entrée items, side dishes, restaurants, and restaurants availability subject to change without notice.

Gold and Platinum Season Passholders can bring up to four friends for a HUGE discount on select days in 2014, or use the NEW 'Any Day Benefit' for a great discount any day this season! 

2014 Bring-A-Friend Days
  • Worlds of Fun Opening Day, Saturday, April 12 - Bring up to 4 friends for ONLY $17.99 each
  • Mother's Day, Sunday, May 11 - Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun for ONLY $17.99 each
  • Oceans of Fun Opening Day, Saturday, May 24 - Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for ONLY $17.99 each
  • Father's Day, Sunday, June 15 - Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for ONLY $17.99 each
  • Friday, June 20 AND Sunday, June 22 - Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for ONLY $17.99 plus tax each
  • Friday, June 27 AND Sunday, June 29 - Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for ONLY $17.99 plus tax each
  • Friday, July 11, Friday, July 18 AND Friday, July 25 - Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for ONLY $24.99 each plus tax
Any Day Benefit
  • Bring up to 4 friends to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for ONLY $31.99 each (excludes 10/25)
**Please check the newsletter and website for any additional dates!

That's right! Gold and Platinum pass holders enjoy free parking all season long at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun!

Gold and Platinum passholders enjoy both parks all season long, including Halloween Haunt, the Midwest's largest Halloween event. 
Everyone loves to save a little cash, and with the season passes, you are part of an exclusive club -- the discount club! Check out the discounts on park food and drinks,* games, and merchandise all season long by downloading the full list below!

  • One FREE Tube Rental Daily
  • Buy 1 Play, Get 1 Play FREE at 3 Point Challenge (excludes Saturdays)
  • Fly Ripcord for 50% OFF the single flyer price per person on all non-peak attendance days
  • 40% OFF Cinnabon 4-packs
  • 10% OFF Cabana rentals (excluding peak days and holidays)
  • 10% OFF Food purchases (excludes alcohol, souvenir bottles and dining plans)
  • 10% OFF Merchandise (excludes rentals)

*alcohol and select locations not included in season pass discount promotions 

Gold and Platinum passholders can enjoy unlimited access to Dinosaurs Alive! during the day all season long!

Height Requirements



Available Jobs

About the Food & Beverage Division
There are various responsibilities of Food and Beverage Associates. From helping the guest decide what type of food they would like to ringing the sale on a cash register to maintaining a sanitary work environment–It’s a fast paced environment with the opportunity to work many positions.

Open Position Minimum Age Qualifications
Food Service Associate 14  
Catering Associate 14  
Bartender 21  
Barback 21  
Culinary Lead 18  
Culinary Supervisor 18  
Warehouse Attendant 18  
Warehouse Supervisor 18 Driver's License Required
Office Clerk 16  
Auditor 18  
Team Leader 16  
Supervisor 16  

About the Games Division
Games Attendants assist the guest in games of skill. This can include explaining the rules of the game, making change, awarding prizes and more. A Games Attendant is also responsible for housekeeping, stocking prizes, and safety in their assigned location.

Open Position Minimum Age Qualifications
Games Associate 14  
Team Leader 16  
Supervisor 16  

About the Human Resources Division
Human Resources Associates support our applicants and associates at all stages of the employment experience.  This can include recruiting applicants at schools and community events, conducting interviews, completing employment paperwork, entering data into computer systems, and facilitating training programs.

Open Position Minimum Age Qualifications
Trainer 18  

Haunt Talent
Minimum Age: 16
Interacts in a frightening way to entertain guests by portraying a defined character

Make Up Tech
Minimum Age: 16
Applies make-up and effects to performers, and assists performers with mask application and related issues
Entertainment Tech
Minimum Age: 16
Operates and installs theater equipment in set up and performance of live shows.

2016 Live Entertainment Audition Information - click here!
Minimum Age: 16
Plants, maintains and removes various plant materials in the park.

Turf Maintenance (Apply as Landscaper)
Minimum Age: 18

Horticulturist (Apply as Landscaper)
Minimum Age: 18

Minimum Age: 18
Lubricates and cleans excess lubricant from rides and equipment. Cleans shop, washdown, power rooms. Steam cleans and uses part cleaning tanks. Removes oil from water / oil separators, completes reports for EPA requirements. Changes tires and oil in vehicles when needed. Assists mechanics by delivering parts to rides.

Minimum Age: 16
Washes trash and spills off of park midways. Helps clean up flower beds and other landscaped areas.

Minimum Age: 18
Assists with the installation and maintenance of the park's heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment including walk-in freezers and ice machines.

Call Center Associate
Must be at least 16 years of age to be considered

Sales Associate – Merch
Minimum Age: 14
Monitors, displays and sells merchandise in an outlet location. Uses a cash register to receive payments from guest and make appropriate change.

Aquatics Attendant
Minimum Age: 16
Monitors safety and assist guests on slides at Oceans of Fun.

Minimum Age: 16
Guards swimmers in their coverage zone. Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the aquatic area. Other duties include providing proper dispatch intervals in accordance with standard operating procedures.
Park Services Attendant
Minimum Age: 14
Cleans park grounds and interacts cordially with park guest to enhance overall visits. Other duties include giving directions and answering guest questions, sweeping and cleaning paths throughout the park, and completing job responsibilities with minimum supervision.

Ride Operator
Minimum Age: 18
Ensures safe operation of ride. Other duties include enforcing ride restrictions and recommendations, maintaining queue lines are safe and orderly, and assisting with the loading and unloading of rides.

Office Clerk – Rides
Minimum Age: 16
Answers phone calls from Guests, employees and in park locations and relays that message to the appropriate person. Completes and files department related paperwork.

Admissions Associate
Minimum Age: 14
Greets guests; processes and verifies tickets for admission and season passes for guest entering the park. Other duties include enforcing park policy and working with co-workers to keep lines moving.

Associate – Guest Services
Minimum Age: 16
Greets guests; works with supervision to solve common and complex guest concerns in a courteous and enthusiastic manner. Other duties include selling, processing and verifying tickets for admission and extra charge experiences and season passes for guest entering the park.

Security Access Associate
Minimum Age: 18
Monitors and controls access to the park through security posts. Other duties include assisting with traffic directions and controls, providing high visibility patrols in the parking lot, and resolving and containing security violations or matters.

Security Associate
Minimum Age: 18
Maintains a safe environment for guests and associates while protecting the assets of the Company.


Marketing - Events
  • Works with entire sales and marketing team to ensure a quality experience for festivals and company picnics. Coordinates and assists with the execution of Worlds of Fun special event programs, corporate events and performance group events. Facilitates corporate picnics, events and outings in the park. Assists with creation, printing and distribution of group sales information.

Marketing - Public Relations
  • Assists the entire Marketing and Public Relations team. Creates and coordinates the execution of special events, media promotions, consumer promotions, and social media postings. Assists with the planning and execution of park promotional events. Works with media partners to coordinate promotional elements for web, radio and television.
Accounting Assistant
  • Assists in the overall Finance Department function. Includes payroll, revenue accounting, accounts payable, account reconciliation, data entry, journal entry and filing.
    Positions available: April through October.

Cash Control
  • Determines, verifies, and deposits the receipts of each cashier. Includes auditing, data entry, reconciliation, till issue & collection, bank deposit preparation and operating currency sorters/counters.
    Positions available: April through October.
HR Assistant
  • Assists in the overall HR function. Includes interviewing and onboarding; retention, motivation, and incentive programs; employment activities; and coordinating the fundraiser program.
    Positions available: February through October.

HR Trainer
  • Coordinates and conducts training programs for the park, which includes teaching formal company orientation.
Security Associate
  • Assists in the overall safety of the park by means of foot, bike and vehicle patrol. Trained in control defense tactics, handcuffing techniques and use of OC by a certified instructor. Also trained in CPR, first aid, basic law, radio communications, report writing and public relations. Must meet requirements of KCMO Board of Police Commissioners.
    Positions available: February through October.
Merchandise Management
  • Manages one or more in-Park retail environments. Includes visual merchandising and display; inventory control; employee training and motivation; and cost control. Units range in size from 1 to 15 employees. Provides practical retail and management experience in a high volume setting.
    Positions available: April through August, longer if available.

Operations Management
  • Assists Park Operations Management in any of the following categories: Team Leadership in Rides or Park Services, Guest Management Systems. Positions range from leading a team in the day-to-day duties in a Ride or Park Services location to assisting our Guests at our Admission Gates. The Park Operations Division offers plenty of opportunities to get great college credit.
    Positions available: March through October.
Sign Shop Technician
  • Assists in the design, development, production, and installation of in-park signage. Applicant must have an understanding of graphic design tools and standards, along with a sense of design style.
    Position available: Mid February through October.
IT/Electronics Technician
  • Monitors various computer systems, handles IT help desk calls and responds to end user requests. Collaborates with IT experts on the resolution of problem and supports desktop and point of sales equipment.
    Positions available: March to October.
Culinary Lead
  • Oversees the quality preparation and presentation of food items for assigned location. Duties include menu development, food safety and quality; exceptional guest service; training, motivation and retention of associates.

Supervisor - Food Service
  • Responsible for overseeing the successful daily operation of specific Food & Beverage location within the park. Duties include food safety, quality and consistency; delivering exceptional guest service; associate training and motivation; monitoring and controlling of food cost and labor; ensure accurate scheduling; maintaining area cleanliness.

Dietary Needs

  • We do not use peanut oil
  • Locations that have nuts: Subway (cookies), Cinnabon, Peppermint Patty's (fudge and candy bars) 
  • Nacho chips may contain traces of nuts from manufacturing process
  • Fresh Fruit Cups - Coke Market Place
  • Fresh Whole Fruit - Coke Market Place
  • Yogurt Parfaits - Coke Market Place
  • Gluten Free Pizza - Pizzo's, Pizza Pier and Beach Bites (Oceans of Fun)
  • Gluten Free Brownies - Coke Market Place
  • Smoked Turkey, Brisket and Pork (including the seasoning and sauces) - Battle Creek BBQ
  • Cole Slaw & Baked Beans - Battle Creek BBQ
  • Turkey Legs, Foot Long Hot Dogs and Bratwurst - Bridge Cart
  • Cesaer Saled - Pizzo's, Pizza Pier and Beach Bites (Oceans of Fun)
  • Fresh Fruit Cups - Coke Market Place
  • Fresh Whole Fruit - Coke Market Place
  • Fresh Fruit Cups - Coke Market Place
  • Fresh Whole Fruit - Coke Market Place
  • Smoked Turkey, Brisket and Pork - Battle Creek BBQ
  • Baked Beans - Battle Creek BBQ
  • Turkey Legs, Long Hot Dogs and Bratwurst - Bridge Cart

Worlds of Fun Village Easy Pay FAQ

Easy Pay is a program that allows you to spread the cost of your stay at the Worlds of Fun Village over 4 convenient payments.
Easy Pay makes it convenient to pay for your stay. You will be able to lock in our current rates and get the first choice of availability. Guests also receive the best deals on Worlds of Fun Tickets.
Reservations can be made by calling 816-454-4545 or click here to book online. Promotional code PAYMENT must be used for the Easy Pay program.
The payments are 25% of your total reservation value, including tax. If your total reservation comes to $400, you will be charged four payments of $100. If your arrival date occurs before the reservation is paid in full, any balance will be due upon arrival. The first payment is due at the time of booking.
Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking plus 3 additonal payments. For example, if you book on June 1st, your payment will be charged to your credit card on June 1st, July 1st, August 1st and September 1st. If your arrival date is prior to all payments being complete, the remainder will be due upon arrival.
Easy Pay is available for reservations during the 2013 Worlds of Fun operating season, inlcuding Haunt.
Yes. Nearly every unit type and package is available through the Easy Pay program.
Yes. All guests, regardless of payment program, will still have the ability to purchase discounted tickets.
Yes. Changes to payment type can be made by contacting the reservations office at 816-454-4545. Changes must be made at least 4 days prior to scheduled payment.
Dates of stay for reservation may be changed to within the current calendar year. Reservation subject to rate of new dates of stay. Changing a reservation will not change your payment schedule, but the amount due may change based on any change in the value of the reservation.
Our standard cancellation policy applies. A $25 cancellation fee is charged for any cancellation. We require 72 hours prior to date of arrival cancellation notice for a partial refund. Your partial refund will be your payments minus a $25 cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 72 hours prior to date of arrival, the amount of the first night room charge plus tax will be forfeited.
You will receive a reminder e-mail 3 days prior to the payment being charged. Please be sure there are sufficient funds to cover this charge. If your payment declines, your reservation is subject to cancellation. Guests will receive an e-mail with additional information if the card declines on the payment attempt.
Reservations must be paid in full upon arrival. No payments will be scheduled after date of arrival.
To book without the Easy Pay program, do not use the promotional code.
We are more than happy to personally assist you with your reservation. Please call us at 816-454-4545.

Fast Lane

Make the most of your day with Fast Lane. Our list of rides has something for everyone in the family to enjoy!
Separate ride entrances and exclusive access points make Fast Lane quick, easy and hassle-free to all of our guests.
Daily Fast Lane access is limited. This keeps the Fast Lane experience great for all our guests. Be sure to reserve your date by purchasing Fast Lane access online in advance! Please note, Fast Lane does NOT include park admission.

Dining Plan Benefits

Enjoy an entree, side and a fountain drink during your visit.

Single Meal Deal is only $13.99.

Guests with All Day Dining will receive a wristband at any of the participating locations and enjoy an entree and side as often as every 90 minutes! Drinks are not included. However, you may purchase a Souvenir Bottle online at the lowest price.  

The All-Day Dining plan is just $27.99.

When you purchase an All Season Dining Plan, it will automatically be uploaded to your season pass. Simply present your pass at any participating locations throughout the park and enjoy lunch and dinner (with only a 4 hour interval time between meals) every time you visit. Drinks are not included but purchase a Souvenir Bottle online at the best possible price.  

All Season Dining starts as low as $108.00.

Plus applicable taxes & fees. Prices subject to change without notice.

Only available online.  Buy Now

All Day Dining may be purchased in the park at any ticket window or participating dining location. Or, save yourself some time and purchase your All Day Dining Plan online before you go to the park. Buy Now

Add the All Season Dining Plan onto your 2016 Season Pass and stay fueled for the fun all day long. All Season Dining includes lunch and dinner at participating locations throughout the park every time you visit during the 2016 season.Buy Now

Single Meal Deal

Simply redeem your voucher at any participating location for an entree, side, and a drink.  

All Day Dining Plan

Guests with All Day Dining voucher will receive a wristband at any of the participating locations.   Enjoy an entree and side as often as every 90 minutes throughout the day.  Drinks are not included.  However, we offer a Souvenir Bottle online at the lowest price possible.


All Season Dining Plan

Guests with All Season Dining will automatically have it included on their Season Pass. Simply present your season pass at any of the participating locations throughout the park and enjoy lunch and dinner (with only a 4 hour interval time between meals) every time you visit. Drinks are not included but purchase a Souvenir Bottle online at the lowest price online.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Battle Creek BBQ


Beach Bites

Oceans of Fun

Calypso Cafe

Oceans of Fun

Chicken Shack


Chickie's & Pete's

Scandinavia / OOF

Coasters Drive-In


Food Truck

Oceans of Fun

G'Rilla Grill


Gyros Express



Americana / Oceans of Fun

Paisano's Pizza


Pizza Pier


Pizzo Pizza


Vittle Griddle


Panda Express


Dining Plan participating locations & menus subject to change without notice throughout the season and from year to year. Operating hours vary by location and some locations may not be open on select operating days. 

Single Meal Deal includes a fountain drink.

All Season and All Day Dining Plans do not include drinks, so you may consider buying a Souvenir Drink Bottle for as low as $10.99 online - a $4 savings off the price of the park! With a Souvenir Drink Bottle, you can enjoy free refills all day long on your first visit and $1 (taxes included) refills for the rest of the season, or unlimited free refills all season long. The choice is yours!
Buy Now

As a Platinum Passholder, the All Season Dining Plan and All Season Souvenir Bottle are valid at any Cedar Fair park within the U.S. and Canada. Simply present your Platinum Pass at any participating food locations during your park visit to enjoy lunch and dinner (with only a 4 hour interval of time between meals) and free refills with your Souvenir Bottle.

Waterpark Information

To participate in water park attractions, proper bathing attire is required. Here are some recommendations to help you plan your visit:

  • Proper swimwear is required. Swimwear is defined as a one or two piece swimsuit. Pants, denim, thongs, or transparent clothing are not permitted. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swimwear.

  • Guests wearing bathing attire with metal buttons, rivets, zippers, or snaps will not be permitted to ride Aruba Tuba, Captain Kidd’s Slides, Coconut Cove Body Slides, Constrictor, Crocodile Isle, Diamond Head, Paradise Slides, Predator’s Plunge, Shark’s Revenge, or Typhoon.

  • Footwear is not permitted on Oceans of Fun attractions. Aqua socks and aquatic style footwear are permitted on Aruba Tuba, Constrictor, Hurricane Falls, Shark’s Revenge, Surf City Wave Pool, Caribbean Cooler, Castaway Cove, Coconut Cove, and Buccaneer Bay including the Swan Boats.

  • Guests requiring special accommodation should speak to a member of the Aquatics management team. Specifically designed attire made out of lycra or nylon type materials will be considered. Due to attraction manufacturer requirements, some riding restrictions may apply.

  • Diaper dependent guests are required to wear swim diapers or a diaper specifically designed for aquatic use.

  • When exiting Oceans of Fun, shirts, shorts, and shoes are required.

If you do not have appropriate bathing attire, swimsuits and other aquatic gear can be purchased at Bender’s Surf Shop.

To ensure the safest experience for all guests during their visit, the following rules are in effect. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

  • Attractions may have specific height, weight, and safety requirements. Please refer to the Safety Guide sign posted at each attraction to make an informed decision as to whether the attraction is right for you.

  • Please refrain from running, horseplay, and other boisterous activities.

  • Glassware and similar material with a tendency to shatter on impact are not permitted in Oceans of Fun.

  • For safety reasons, diving is not permitted at any attraction.

  • Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

  • Keep an eye on your young children. Children should not be left unattended at any time.

  • Please secure all loose articles, including hats, glasses, and jewelry when riding. Cameras, cell phones and video recording devices may not be used on any slide or in any changing area or restroom.

  • Water toys, whistles, and inflatable assists are not permitted.

  • Masks and snorkels are not permitted at any water attraction.

  • Hearing devices or any other electronic devices may be damaged by water. Please take the necessary steps to protect such items.

  • According to crowd size, time at the water attractions and access to Oceans of Fun may be limited.

Our Aquatics staff is here to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant visit. First aid staff and water park supervisors are available throughout the area should you have any questions or need assistance. Please follow all lifeguard rules and instructions, but do not talk to or distract lifeguards while they are on duty.

In an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable water park experience for our guests, Oceans of Fun routinely utilizes training exercises to improve our lifeguards’ skills and vigilance. These exercises will occur during normal operating hours and may consist of the following: submersible water mannequins, the use of video surveillance equipment, internal and external audits, active/inactive water rescues and/or first aid scenarios.

Oceans of Fun provides a full day of fun in the sun! To make the most of your day, be sure to drink plenty of water in order to avoid heat exhaustion. Drinking fountains are located near each restroom. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen frequently throughout the day. If you happen to forget your sunscreen, Bender’s Surf Shop and various merchandise locations throughout the Park have a variety of sunscreens and sundries available for purchase.

The First Aid Station is located on the left side of the Surf City Wave Pool near Beach Bites. If you need any assistance during your visit, do not hesitate to stop by the First Aid Station, or notify the nearest lifeguard. Our team would be glad to assist.

Upon arriving, we recommend selecting a meeting place such as Guest Relations, in the event you or your child becomes lost or separated from your party. In the unlikely event that your child becomes separated, please alert an associate. Public address pages cannot be broadcast inside Oceans of Fun.

If you happen to lose an item or leave an item behind while visiting, please drop by Guest Relations during regular operating hours.

Oceans of Fun is committed to providing all of our guests with an enjoyable visit. Guests with disabilities are encouraged to visit our Guests with Disabilites page for detailed information on the requirements of each attraction, along with the programs that Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun offer.

A water wheelchair is available for guests requiring additional assistance when at Surf City Wave Pool or Coconut Cove. The water wheelchair may be used by multiple guests on the same day. Pool lifts are available at Caribbean Cooler, Castaway Cove, Coconut Cove, and the Village Pool. During your visit, please speak to a member of our Aquatics management team to obtain access to the water wheelchair or the pool lifts and for further accessibility information.

For your convenience, lockers are located next to Bender’s Surf Shop. Various locker sizes are available for all of your personal belongings. Locker rentals are automated and can be paid using debit/credit cards. The lockers work with electronic pin codes and will allow unlimited access throughout the day. Locker access is available until both Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun are closed for the evening. Worlds of Fun cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Relax and enjoy the privacy of your own wave side cabana. A limited number of exclusive cabanas are available each day and often sell out. For more information and to reserve your cabana, please visit our Cabana page.  

Inner tubes are available free of charge at each attraction that requires a tube in order to ride. Inner tubes must remain at the attraction after riding.

If you would like the ultimate fun in the sun, personal inner tubes can be rented for the duration of your day from Toobie or Not Toobie located near the entrance to Caribbean Cooler and George’s Tube Shack located next to Beach Bites. Single tube rentals are available for $3.00 plus a $2.00 deposit. Double tubes are available for $6.00 plus a $2.00 deposit.

Cabana Rentals include complimentary inner tubes for use at Surf City Wave Pool, Caribbean Cooler, and Aruba Tuba.


Associates receive free admission to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun and all Cedar Fair parks. After working 200 hours, you will receive complimentary tickets for your friends and family 
Associates receive a 20% discount on park tickets, merchandise and food while visiting the park as a guest. 
The Best Day Bistro serves a variety of inexpensive food options for park associates
Associate activites are a great way to meet new people, spend time with your friends and take advantage of free entertainment! Activities include: ride nights, swim parties, associate appreciation picnics, parties and much more! 
We recognize our associates through the Cornerstone Cash program. Cornerstone Cash can be redeemed for free tickets, food and more!

Worlds of Fun maintains a scholarship program to reward our outstanding associates who also excel in the classroom. Our internship program is also a great way to develop career-related skills and earn college credit while making money!
If you live more than 50 miles from the park and rent an apartment or other housing for the summer, you may qualify for Rent Assistance. Please contact Human Resources for more information.  
Did you know that a majority of our full-time staff their careers as seasonal associates? We like to promote within and advancement opportunities exsist in all areas.  

Associate Spotlight

 Justen was an Admissions Associate during the 2014 and 2015 season. As a resident of Kansas City, he knew the park had a family-friendly environment. He joined the team, because he thought working at Worlds of Fun would be a lot of FUN!

He enjoys the opportunity to interact with our guests. He says their happiness and positivity is infectious. He feels that he has learned a lot about customer service and cash handling in his current role and these skills will serve him well in future jobs.

Want to be part of the Admissions team? Justen says he has found the job to be very rewarding.
 Celena started at Oceans of Fun in 2014 as an Aquatics Attendant and became a lifeguard in 2015. After Oceans of Fun closes, she is part of Halloween Haunt. In 2014, she was an actor at Zombie High and was promoted to Lead at Carnevil for the 2015 season.

She liked the idea of working in a waterpark for her first job. She says the weather can be crazy, but she enjoys the relationships she builds with her team.

Celena credits Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun with helping her develop her leadership skills. She says it can be challenging to manage people and she has learned to support her team and give them credit when they do good work.
 Rileigh joined the Worlds of Fun team in 2014 as a Ride Operator. She was promoted to Rides Team Lead in July 2015. In this role, she is responsible for leading the Ride Operations team in Planet Snoopy.

She was attracted to Worlds of Fun, because it was a fun place to work and she wanted to make new friends. She says working outdoors in the heat and cold can be challenging, but she loves the relationships she has built with her crew.

Working at Worlds of Fun helped Rileigh to develop customer service skills and to become more outgoing and friendly. She says working in Ride Operations is a lot of work, but can also be a lot of fun… You just have to stay positive!
 Lynda started working at Worlds of Fun in 2015. She began the year as a Supervisor at Coasters and was promoted later in the season to Operations Supervisor.

Initially, she saw this as an opportunity to earn extra money, but she found that she loved the family atmosphere and working with her co-workers. She enjoys being able to guide and develop other associates using her past experiences and knowledge. She believes the training she has received in her position has helped her to grow as a manager.

Lynda’s advice to those thinking about a position in Food & Beverage… Learn from those who have worked the position previously and be open to new ways of doing things.
 Mary worked at Worlds of Fun as a teenager and returned as a Merchandise Sales Associate for the 2013 – 2015 seasons. Mary’s managers say she brings wisdom and enthusiasm to the Merchandise team and serves as a role model for her co-workers.

Mary enjoys the fun atmosphere and says she loves helping lots of guests have a great time! She says working at Worlds of Fun has made her a happy person and helps her to constantly learn new things.

Thinking about working in Merchandise? Mary says you should try it, because it is a great experience and there is lots of flexibility with scheduling.
 Nina has been part of the Worlds of Fun team for two seasons, first as a Ride Operator and this year as a Park Services Attendant. In her current position, she is responsible for keeping the park clean and being a resource to our guests.

Nina applied, because she wanted a new challenge that would provide an opportunity to improve herself. She feels more prepared to take on new situations as a result of her experience at Worlds of Fun.

Her favorite part of the job is getting to meet guests and new co-workers. She enjoys hearing their stories and learning from their viewpoints. Because she works outdoors in all weather conditions, it is important for her to stay hydrated throughout her shift.

Are you ready to join Nina? Her advice is maintain a positive outlook and be ready to learn!
Mohamed has worked for Worlds of Fun for three seasons. He started as a Merchandise Associate and was promoted to Team Lead and then to Supervisor in 2015. His managers describe him as dedicated, fair, and professional.

He is responsible for managing several retail locations and ensuring his teams deliver outstanding service to every guest. His favorite part of his job is the opportunity to work with new associates.

Mohamed heard about working at Worlds of Fun from a friend. If you are thinking about a job in Merchandise, he says it's a fun experience and you'll have the opportunity to meet new people.

Ben has worked for Worlds of Fun for seven seasons. He started as a Train Engineer and in his second season was promoted to Team Lead. In the off-season, he also works in our Security department.

He heard about this opportunity from his friends who were retired railroaders. His favorite part of his job is the opportunity to train his associates to work on the engine. He says the hardest part about his job is balancing schedules and the weather with the engine.

Ben's advice for job seekers...Have fun with it and remember that it's about working with your peers.

Rae Ann has worked for Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun for two seasons as an Aquatics Attendant and a Lifeguard. After Oceans of Fun closes, Rae Ann transitions to Halloween Haunt. Last year, she acted in Zombie High and this year was promoted to Lead at CarnEvil.

She applied to be a lifeguard, because she loved visiting the park as a child and dreamed of being a lifeguard. She loves working with different people and helping others. She believes making someone else's day better is very rewarding.

She describes herself as kind of shy. The most difficult part of the job, for her, is being assertive, but she believes working at Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun has helped her come out of her shell. She advises job applicants to not be afraid to stand up for themselves, but to always be respectful toward others.

Rae Ann says working at Worlds of Fun has improved her communication skills and built her confidence in performing new jobs and responsibilities.

John has worked for Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun for five seasons as a Rides Associate, Cash Control Supervisor and currently is an Accounting Assistant. He understands our business and strives to make a difference every day.

What brought you to Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun?
I came to Worlds of Fun in 2011 in search of a job to help fund college. Initially, I worked in Planet Snoopy as a Ride Ambassador; however, I moved to Finance the next year and have remained since. My undergraduate degree was in Accounting, so this job provided good application to the things I learned in the classroom.

What is your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part of this job was recording the revenue for the concessionaires and different stations around the park. It was interesting to observe how external factors (weather, attendance, special events) affected the revenue.

What is the hardest part about your job?
The most difficult part of the job was payroll. The work isn’t hard to comprehend, but the challenges came in trying to keep track of the work times for employees.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for your job?
The job will be whatever one makes it to be. Whatever an individual puts in, is what he/she will get out of it. The opportunity to gain valuable experience is present, but it will take personal initiative to take advantage of this opportunity.

How has your work experience at Worlds of Fun helped you in your current career or how do you believe your work experience will help you in your future career?
Working in Finance has helped me understand basic principles of business operations. Having a basic understanding of Finance and Accounting is useful in any profession.


Available Full Time Positions

Job Title: Area Manager – Catering
Posting Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Job Summary:
 Worlds of Fun is searching for the right individual to manage the overall operation of catered events at Worlds of Fun including preparation, service and clean-up. This individual will ensure that all food and beverage products offered are of the highest quality, that divisional and park standards are met at all times, and that the highest profit margins possible are achieved without sacrificing any Cedar Fair Cornerstone.

The essential duties this individual will perform include:
  • Working closely with the Group Sales staff, the Executive Chef, the Food Warehouse Manager and the seasonal Catering staff, ensure the appropriate menu is properly prepared and served at each catered event. This includes reviewing scheduled events, managing client relations, and evaluating guest satisfaction. Accompany Sales Representatives on client calls when appropriate to help plan events. Oversee and participate in the execution of catered events which may include multiple and/or overlapping functions each with a different menu.
  • Recruit, interview, select, train, and supervise the park’s seasonal Catering staff to ensure their food handling, preparation and presentation is of the highest quality. Give direction to these associates regarding specific event planning and execution. Coach, counsel and (when necessary) discipline seasonal Food associates documenting as appropriate.
  • Under the direction of the Executive Chef, identify, develop and implement new catering menu options to assist Group Sales in achieving their catered event goals. Closely monitor cost of goods through food waste control systems.
For consideration, candidates must have the following qualifications:
  • A high school diploma or the equivalent and the knowledge that is normally acquired through an Associate degree in Food & Beverage Management, Hospitality Management or other related field.
  • Two or more years related experience in the theme park, hospitality, entertainment or travel industry.
  • Knowledge of all Kansas City, Missouri Health and Safety Codes/Regulations and the ability to acquire and maintain a Kansas City, Missouri Health Department Food Handler's Permit.
  • Ability to acquire and maintain a valid liquor license.
  • Knowledge of food preparation, service and quality; menu devopment; and labor and food cost controls.
  • Management skills and the ability to train, supervise, and motivate service staff. Understanding of and ability to enforce all pertinent labor laws including those pertaining to minor labor.
  • Ability to operate standard office machines as well as equipment listed:
    • Standard commercial food service equipment: ovens, fryers, grills, coffee machines, steamers, dishwashers, slicers, etc.
    • IBM-type PC and related printer
    • Cash register
    • Forklift
    • Pallet jack
    • Hand-held two-way radio
    • Vehicles (including golf carts)
  • Valid driver license
For consideration, qualified applicants should submit a letter of application, resume and salary history to Ann Todoroff at ann.todoroff@worldsoffun.com.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, genetic information, national origin, disability or any other protected characteristic.
Job Title: Mechanic
Posting Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Job summary: To mechanically maintain park rides and equipment.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Thoroughly inspects all mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components of the parks’ rides through visual, tactile and auditory observations to ensure safe and proper operation. Communicates concerns to supervisor and/or, using own judgment, makes necessary repairs. Logs and documents all safety checks and repairs.
  • From blueprints, drawings, or verbal instructions, performs general mechanical work using a variety of hand and power tools and standard measuring instruments. Makes standard shop computations relating to dimension of work. Selects material necessary for the work.
Qualifications include but are not limited to:
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Three years industrial mechanical experience is required for a natural transition into the position. In addition, millwright, small engine, hydraulic, pneumatic and/or welding experience is helpful.
  • The interpersonal skills necessary to effectively communicate not only with senior management but also with seasonal employees in resolving problems. Communicates with individuals both inside and outside the company.
  • The ability to climb to and work at a height of 310 feet for the observation of, maintenance of and possible evacuation of park rides.
Physical demands include but are not limited to:
  • Year-round outdoor work in extreme weather conditions.
  • Walking and standing on concrete and asphalt for extended periods of time.
  • Exposure to gasoline and other petroleum products, fiberglass dust, welding materials, oxygen, acetylene, propane, cleaning solvents, and paint fumes.
Should the company request an interview with an applicant, a detailed job description including more comprehensive essential job functions and qualifications will be made available at that time.

For consideration, qualified applicants should e-mail their resumes to Wayne Meadows at wayne.meadows@worldsoffun.com.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, genetic information, national origin, disability or any other protected characteristic.