Tips for Kids

Tips for Kids


Some Helpful Hints To Plan Your Day

Baby food and bottles are not available at the park. Guests are permitted to bring these items into both parks. These food items must be kept inside of a cooler and checked-in at Guest Services before you are permitted to take the food inside. Bottles may be warmed at any restaurant in the park. Free ice water is available at any food location.


Diaper changing stations are available at all restroom facilities for the convenience of Mom or Dad or at the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy. At Oceans of Fun, children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper.


First Aid is located just inside the front gate at Worlds of Fun and adjacent to the Surf City Wave Pool at Oceans of Fun. Mothers who prefer a private area for nursing may also do so at First Aid or at the Family Care Center (WOF), and most medicines and medical equipment may be stored during your visit.


Hand-held infants (Infants who cannot walk by themselves) are permitted to participate in the following rides and attractions: Le Carrousel and Grand Carrousel (bench only with a responsible person), Worlds of Fun Railroad (not permitted to sit on outer edge). For detailed information about each attraction, please visit our Rides Section.

Located at the entrance to Planet Snoopy, the Family Care Center provides a place for families to relax and refuel together. Basic family care supplies, private feeding rooms, and family size restrooms are available.

Kid Track assists in reuniting lost children with their parents or guardians in case they become separated. An identification band with a phone number is placed on the child to quickly reunite a lost child with their parent or guardian. Available at Guest Services at both parks or the Family Care Center at Worlds of Fun.

Worlds of Fun provides a variety of nutritious food for your children. Special kids meals are served at Coasters Midway Grill and Vittle Griddle, at Worlds of Fun and Calypso Cafe at Oceans of Fun.
An employee will escort any lost child to security personnel until you are re-united.

Children may be officially measured at Guest Services to receive a wristband corresponding to their height in shoes at Worlds of Fun and in bare feet at Oceans of Fun. Worlds of Fun reserves the right to ensure that a child's height is not being artificially enhanced or manipulated.

Looking for tyke-sized fun? Little ones can meet the Peanuts gang and enjoy rides just for them in Planet Snoopy, featuring over 20 rides and activities that accommodate those not yet ready for the big thrills.

Rider Swap is available for those who have small children but no provision for childcare while participating in height-restricted rides. One person may wait with the child in the designated area on the exit side of the platform or station, while the other guests in the party enter the line. When the rest of the party has exited, the person who waited with the child may enter through the exit and ride. Visit Guest Services for more information on Rider Swap.

Smoking is not permitted at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, except in clearly designated smoking areas throughout the parks.

You may bring your own stroller and wagon to the park. If you do not have a stroller, they are available for rent.
Sunscreen is available at gift shops throughout Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. Hats and sunglasses can be purchased at several gift shops including Plaza Gifts and Front Street Emporium.