100 Reasons to Look Forward to Opening Day

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100 Reasons to Look Forward to Worlds of Fun Opening Day

Emilee Fountain |
April 24, 2022

With less than a week until Worlds of Fun opens for its 49th season on Saturday, April 30, 2022, we wanted to give everyone something to look forward to when the park opens. Here are 100 reasons to look forward to Opening Day!

  1. That first rollercoaster ride of the day feeling
  2. Taking a picture with the Worlds of Fun Balloon when you get to the park
  3. A ride on Spinning Dragons 
  4. A ride on Ride Patriot 
  5. Creeping through Cornstalkers during Halloween HAUNT®
  6. Trying Watermelon Peach ice cream 
  7. A ride ride on MAMBA® 
  8. Shoot a basket at 3 Point Challenge 
  9. See the parade at Grand Cranivale 
  10. Find the Skeletons during HAUNT 
  11. A ride throught the woods on Prowler 
  12. Taking a picture with Snoopy 
  13. A ride on the Grand Carousel 
  14. Taking a picutre in front of the hot air balloon during Grand Carnivale! 
  15. A mouthful of Dippin’ Dots 
  16. Getting soaked on Fury of the Nile 
  17. Getting a caricature drawn of yourself
  18. A leisurly float on Caribbean Cooler 
  19. Following Snoopy’s Brigade through the park 
  20. Surviving a trip to Blood on the Bayou 
  21. Reaching new heights on Steelhawk 
  22. Savoring a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s 
  23. Experiencing a Turkey Leg from Cotton Blossom 
  24. Taking a spin on Bamboozler 
  25. Flying on Ripcord 
  26. Collecting beads at Grand Carnivale 
  27. Riding Mustang Runner 
  28. Visiting Front Street Fountain 
  29. Cowering at the Wicked Witch of the East and the West 
  30. Riding the left side of Detonator 
  31. Riding the right side of Detonator 
  32. Witnessing Overlord’s Awakening at HAUNT
  33. Trying foods from around the world at Grand Carnivale 
  34. Riding Zulu 
  35. Being in the driver’s seat at Le TaxiTour 
  36. Enjoying sangria blood bag at HAUNT
  37. Sending your friends flying at Autobahn 
  38. Dodging gunslingers at Outlaw’s Revenge 
  39. Riding Scandi Scrambler 
  40. Playing at Crocodile Isle 
  41. Getting scared at Lore of the Vampire 
  42. Dropping into Predators' Plunge 
  43. Riding Fjord Fjarlane 
  44. Checking the time with the Flower Clock 
  45. Chowing down on some fudge from Scandi Candy 
  46. Getting splashed on the bridge at Monsoon
  47. Chasing down Nordic Chaser 
  48. Surviving the curse of Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater 
  49. Getting a little wet on Viking Voyager 
  50. Taking a romantic ride on Skyliner 
  51. Getting an ICEE at ICEE Mix-it Up 
  52. Shaking it all out in the dance party during Grand Carnivale 
  53. Getting disoriented in Cyclone Sams 
  54. Palyingh with the PEANUTS at Planet Snoopy 
  55. Takin a ride on 150 year-old train, Eli 
  56. Seeing a show in the Moulin Rouge
  57. Getting lost in the fog during Haunt 
  58. Getting your face painted
  59. Making it through Zombie High 
  60. Having the newest nachos at Pagoda Nachos 
  61. Riding Monsoon with the whole family
  62. Trying a Hot Chocolate in the fall
  63. Surviving Bloodshed 
  64. Lounging in the shade in a Cabana 
  65. Havgin a  G'Rilla Burger! 
  66. Soaking in Castaway Cove 
  67. Laughing at memorable photos from FunPix
  68. Sliding into Aruba Tuba 
  69. Feasting in the newly remodeled Coasters Drive-In Diner 
  70. Being the captain at Captain Kidds 
  71. Racing friends on Riptide Raceway 
  72. Visiting PigPen's Petting Zoo 
  73. Making the plunge at Hurricane Falls 
  74. Escaping House of Wax 
  75. Getting drenched by the bucket at Paradise Falls 
  76. Taking photos with the Gorilla. 
  77. Speeding into Constrictor 
  78. Catching a show in International Plaza 
  79. Choosing your slide at Shark’s Revenge 
  80. Taking the high score at Africa Arcarde 
  81. Having a funnel cake from Norma’s 
  82. Wining a prize at Game Street
  83. Splashing into Typhoon 
  84. Coat your fingers with garlic knots from Gold Rush Pizza 
  85. Spending the night at the Worlds of Fun Village 
  86. Traveling back in time at Ripper Alley 
  87. Seeing the Topiary Giraffe 
  88. Hoiwling at the moon on Timber Wolf 
  89. Visiting our Clowns at Carnevil 
  90. Savoring the new ice cream flavor of the month
  91. Balance on the Crocodile in Crocodile Isle 
  92. Soaring to new heights on Sea Dragon 
  93. Riding the front car of Boomerang so you’re first 
  94. Riding the back of Boomerang so you’re still first 
  95. Boating in the clouds on Flying Dutchman
  96. Savoring a Cinnamon Roll from Cinnabon 
  97. Getting a cold one from Belly Up Bar 
  98. Visiting Front Street Tavern for a Frozen Drink 
  99. Seeing fireworks during Grand Carnivale 
  100. That last rollercaoster of the day feeling