How to Prepare for Visiting Worlds of Fun

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How to Prepare for Visiting Worlds of Fun

Sean Cunniff |
April 25, 2022

Visiting Worlds of Fun is a Kansas City, MO tradition.  It’s as much a part of the City of Fountains as Bar B Que. Just like Bar B Que, you want to do a little prep work before lighting up the smoker. A little planning can elevate a trip from satisfactory St. Louis Ribs to world-class Kansas City Burnt Ends. To help make your visit to the park this season filled with nothing but unforgettable family fun, we’ve put together this guide. It covers everything from the moment you first start thinking about a visit to when you’re back home relaxing on the couch. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Get the App

The first step in preparing for a trip bringing the family to Worlds of Fun is simple. Get the app. It’s your one stop-shop for all your park information and your tickets. It also has important dietary information and provides important information in case of an emergency. AVAILABLE HERE

Step 2: Check the Calendar

The next step may sound obvious, but it’s a little check to avoid a big headache. Review the calendar. Use the app or visit the calendar page on our website and review the operating hours for the date you want to take your family to the park. Coming to experience Grand Carnivale? Check the event start time so you don’t miss the spectacular parade! Coming to cool down at Oceans of Fun? Make sure the waterpark is open and not just the theme park. Double check now so the only surprise later is how easy it is to go through admission at the front gate. AVAILABLE HERE

Step 3: Order Tickets/Get a Gold Pass

Now that you have the date set and know the attractions your family wants to experience are scheduled, it’s time to get tickets. Use the app to purchase as many tickets as your family requires. Better yet, save money on the family follow up visit and get the 2022 Gold Pass, which pays for itself in less than two visits. It offers unlimited visits to the theme park and waterpark, free parking and discounts on purchases made in the park. Whether you get single day admission tickets or a Gold Pass, the information is saved on the app so you don’t have to worry about printing off anything. Season Pass AVAILABLE HERE  /  Daily Tickets AVAILABLE HERE

Step 4: Picture the Visit

Knowing what your trip is all about will help guide you to the right attractions and upgrades ahead of time.

Is it a trip for the tastebuds?  

First, consider any special dietary needs. Next, check out Dining & Drink Plans. AVAILABLE HERE

Is it for thrills?

Review ride safety information to put the right rides on your radar. Follow that up with a Fast Lane to wait less and ride more. AVAILABLE HERE

Is your visit for a summer celebration?

A Cabana at Oceans of Fun could be what you need to ramp up the festivities. AVAILABLE HERE

Is it to capture memories?

FunPix will capture, collect and share all your professional park photos. AVAILABLE HERE

Is it for a whole day?

A locker rental will keep you from carrying your prizes or new shirt around all day. AVAILABLE HERE

Any upgrade is also added to your profile on the app!

Step 5: Get to Worlds of Fun and have FUN!

You have the app, you checked the calendar, you have the tickets, you know event and showtimes, you have any upgrades…

By now, you’ve done the hard work. You’re prepared for your trip. You’re ready. Get to the best place in Kansas City to have fun.

Worlds of Fun, 4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64161